Wednesday, April 1, 2015

North Shore....? And By THAT, I Mean North Shore of Bend...

A couple things about this sweater:  I LOVE how cute it is - and what a great pattern!  But I do NOT like 54/45 wool/cotton blend yarns, methinks.

Again, though - how CUTE!

The pattern is North Shore, by tincanknits, part of their Pacific Knits Collection.  I thought it was the cutest thing when I first discovered it, and I'm glad I knit it up.  It took me a couple weeks, which is great, especially as it's a stranded-work project....LOL - though it IS the 6 month cast-on.
This kid is toooo fast for me to get pictures!

My gauge, as always (broken-record, much??), was too loose, so, I figured casting on for two sizes smaller would make it work out just fine.  I sadly wish I'd cast on for only one size smaller, as it's pretty snug to get on Tiberius.  The head-hole, especially, is a bit tight, and the silly boy likes to get his teeth in the sweater as I'm pulling it off, making matters THAT much easier ;)  I understand the pattern didn't call for the neckhole I did (which seemed wide to me in project page photos), but I had decreased by more stitches than the pattern calls for after the yoke is finished.  I sort of modeled it after the stitch decreases in the Owlet sweater - again, if I'd done a size bigger, I would have been better off.  I believe I might only size down one size for Camden's, but I'll see how it goes.  I'll definitely keep in mind the neckhole, as I think part of the problem is the yarn.

Speaking of, the yarn is Spud and Chloe Sweater yarn, which IS lovely to look at and is plied nicely, etc, etc.  It's an affordable worsted-weight yarn, and the colors are great, and there are more I wish I had...except that I think I won't be using this yarn again after Camden's version of this sweater.  The cotton made my fingertips feel weird, I think - not numb, but SOMEthing???  Anyway, nothing wrong with the yarn itself, but I love the elasticity of wool, though this sweater IS soft and looks lovely on Tiberius.....though I doubt it will fit through November, which is sad, as winter is essentially over here, in terms of bulkier sweaters.  But I'll stuff him in it while I can, LOL! these days on the homefront!
Taking a break!
Good times at a birthday party
Building Titanic
A little Pilot Butte Action
Helping dad build a new art cabinet/easel
Yay!  Fun new books to be used in conjunction with homeschooling!
Quit gymnastics and started ballet......


  1. The sweater is so darling! What a lovely pattern. I really like the colors you picked!

    1. thanks, lady!!! i can't wait to do camden's version!