Friday, April 3, 2015

Penguins in Spring - A Modkid Addison

Wow!  It's ONLY been four months or so since I've sewn this dress, so, it MUST be time to blog about it, right???
Faaaaake smiles....
It's such a cute dress, and my photos don't do it justice, but as with Camden's first Modkid Addison, I just love it!
How tiny!!!!
A month or so after the wedding - also in a lovely Saffron, knit by Vieve over at TWSC
When I made it the first time, it was for her Aunt Jeannette's wedding, and I just couldn't stop staring at the cuteness, aha!  One small bit of sadness when I made it the first time was that it was quite snug to try and get on Camden, though I made the correct, THIS time, I sized up, and it's naturally too big.  Of course.  Even at four months later, I don't like how much room there is in the back, but ah, well - it'll fit lovely even this time next year, when it's more appropriately sized ;)  I think I ended up making the size 6, as I was so worried it'd be tight to get on if I made the 5.

As for deets on the pattern itself - there is nothing fancy to say!  It goes together nicely, the instructions are great, and it's easy enough for a newbie.

I originally made this version for Camden to wear to her first viewing of The Nutcracker, which was exciting for her and Greta, her friend, as you can tell ;)
Photo taken by Greta's mom!
I used some lovely penguin/wintery fabric I had in my stash, along with a fun cotton sateen I purchased from Superbuzzy.  They always have such fun fabrics, but their site really needs an overhaul, in terms of speed/loading - not sure what that is, technically-speaking, but go ahead and check them out, aha!  (I also totally just ordered four more colors in the sateen dots, as they're on sale!)

Should have clipped down those seam bad :O
A downside to this post and the next two is that Camden has been rather sullen about pictures - that combined with being tired and cold makes for a good time for photos, LOL.

Again, though, great pattern....and am i REALLY the ONLY person who wishes Patty Young would put paper patterns out again?????

Such joy, LOL

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