Friday, April 3, 2015

Will the Jump Rope Dress Improve Jump-Roping Skills???

I could shout from the roof-tops about my love for this pattern/fabric combo!

I can't believe I waited so long to sew this, as it's SUCH a great pattern!  I didn't own the smaller size-set, so, I'd had to wait, but gosh - I bought this fabric during the fall of 2013.....yikes!  I DID buy it specifically for this pattern, though, so, there was some planning.
Love the wee sleeves
Whew - a semi-smile!
Camden super loves her Jump Rope dress by Oliver and S.  She says, as a matter of fact, that she wants to sleep AND jump rope in the dress.  LOL....and jump all AROUND.

The pattern is nicely written.  I had no issues with instructions, and I don't think I changed anything.  I often have collar attachment issues with this style...sort of the same thing as with Music Class blouse.  I never think I get a neat finish.  Anyway, I sewed the size 5, and it fits pretty well, with a little wiggle room.

And for ONCE, I went totally basic/plain with the buttons, as I thought that best-suited this pattern and fabric.  I'm pretty proud of myself, aha!

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