Sunday, May 21, 2017

Thank Goodness for Last Year's Scirocco

Late to the game...but also ahead of the game??

That's how we'll view the project,  Honestly, y'all, I have been so awful about sewing.  It makes me feel horrible inside, and I know it shouldn't, but because I'm pretty stubborn about making the kids' clothing, they haven't had anything new in a while.  I mean, I DO buy Tiberius t-shirts, and I buy Camden camisoles (sorry, dudes...Target has my money where the camis are concerned....but could they make RED, please?!!!!), leggings and some plain or striped tees.  Other than that, though, when I see cute sweaters or fun dresses, etc., I can't be bothered, nor do I have money to spend on the types of things I like, anyway, aha!  I truly just like to be able to make their clothes.

Problem numero uno, though:  I haven't been sewing all that much.  I last truly made Camden clothing in December, and I am still light years behind on sewing ANYTHING for Tiberius, other than his pajamas.  I took a mini knitting break recently, too, as that was sucking up all crafting time, and I think my brain was slowly dying, as a result.  That break is sort of over, but I had pumped out four to six sweaters in a three-month span, and I think I needed to chill.  I am working on socks now, and I'd like to work on Matt's Quadri hat.  Maybe I'll cast that on next week.

I am getting back into the sewing room, though, in that I've started a quilting class at Modern Domestic (yes, my favorite place on Earth!).  I'm taking a class with Meredith.  She is a great instructor, and I always have fun when working with her.  I also convinced Matt's mom to take the class, and I think she is having a good time, as well, as she'd been really looking forward to working with Meredith for quite a while.  We are working on the quilt, Quicker by the Dozen, and I actually have a bunch of homework to finish today, for tomorrow's class.  There are two classes left, and all that'll be left is quilting and binding - yay!

Clearly, quilting is NOT garment sewing, but I'd like to finish the quilt and then crank out a few outfits for the kids for summer weather.  But speaking OF, I'm already ahead, as mentioned above ;)

I actually purchased this fabric for myself a few years back, and naturally, I saw it in my stash and thought it'd be super pretty for a Scirocco for Camden, aha!  I always have a good time making the dress.  As fancy as it looks, it's straight-forward and easy.  One can sew a regular hem on all the skirt ruffles and lining, or one could use a rolled hem.  I went with a regular hem this time around, and on the bodice, I used a wee bit of lace, given to me by a friend.

When I first finished it last year, I felt it was too big for Camden, especially in the elastic band in the back.  I told her for months and months that I needed to bring in the elastic, but laziness won out, and I never did until just a couple weeks ago.  I hope, then, that it'll fit nicely through the whole summer so she gets enough wear out of it :O  I believe I made the size 7/8.  She always loves this dress pattern, so, I can't wait to make the next....after sewing all sorts of OTHER patterns (I actually have two blouses to blog about, too, as soon as I finish the coordinating pants).  And of course, trying it on her NOW, it seems it'll be too small before I know it!  How does this happen?!

\And then....other nonsense we've been up to!!!
These three....giggles, fighting...and weirdness!!
I made a mean strawberry rhubarb muffin with this haul from great grandpa's!

Our first date night in quite a while!

The nighttime photos kill me, aha!
All smiles before he decides he is NOT a fan of these quesadillas
Matt's mom working away on her Quicker by the Dozen
Don't worry - I want to make the one on the wall, too!