Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Say Hello to My Little Friend Zip Pouches!

If you haven't seen the CUTENESS that is the Little Friend Zip Pouch by Minki Kim, you need to get on Instagram (she is Zeriano there) right now and follow that designer UP!  She designs the best wee bags and also happens to design great fabric.  I now own one fat quarter bundle of her Someday fabric line, and I can't wait to use it!

So.  You WILL notice the CRAAAAZY fabric combinations on these bags, aha.  That is not lost on me.  I seriously just whipped out of Camden's fabric cupboard anything that made a little bit of sense.  Because this was the first time I made the pattern, I saw these as test runs, and I planned on sending them to my nieces and nephew.  I so hope they love them!

The pattern is super easy to understand, though I do think the fabric amounts need to be better specified for the ears (bunny vs. cat).  She mentions in the pattern that an 18-inch zipper is a better choice than a 16-inch, and she is right.  The 16-inch zipper worked, but I'm glad I only had to use one of them, aha.  I did use fusible fleece batting (or whatever it's called, LOL), rather than regular batting, and that worked great.

As for the face embroidery, I just used DMC floss, and I went to town.... I am no expert, as you can tell, and I didn't pop/hide my knots.  She doesn't specify how she does it, and I am that wacko person who makes giant knots JUST IN CASE, so, they aren't popable, LOL.  Also, I have a couple books, but I was closer to my computer and reminded myself on how to do a couple stitches, like the back-stitch and satin stitch.  I'm pretty sure I failed on both accounts, but they results are still decent enough.  I felt bad leaving knots inside the bag, but I did try to leave the black knots on darker sections of fabric, where they wouldn't show as much.  I do need to work on perfecting the embroidery, for sure.

Anyway, the pattern is great, and the results are darling!  I still need to tack up the cat ears, but I wanted to hurry and get photos!

And how about a little days in the life.....

Working away on the table

A little Boss Monster

The pilot, Greg, captured a selfie, aha!

They were so lucky to fly!!!!!