Monday, March 24, 2014

Owls and Sailboats....???? Fo' Sho'!

I'm hoping this blog post doesn't take 1,000 hours to write, spread out in chunks over 87 days ;)  The wee baby is napping for the nonce, and Camden and I just colored, so, I'll try to squeeze in a few minutes!  The person keeping me a bit too busy:

Our first doses of sunshine on a gorgeous Sunday!

In his Puerperium (Tessa Ann buttons) with his big sister!

There are two outfits after this one that I hope I get to blog about soon, but for now....presenting a Sailboat outfit, designed by Oliver and S!

This is not my first rodeo with this pattern, either.....

I love this version just as much as alllll the others ;)  One thing that is important to note about this top is that it's SLIM-fitting.  I did size up to a 4, even though, based on chest size, Camden could use a size 3.  ....but that is a bunch of silliness, as I WISH I'd made a size 5  :(  She will outgrow it soon, just based on getting her arms into it.  Also, I'd meant to cut to a size 5 length, so, be glad you were NOT in my humble abode when I realized I'd only cut ONE side of the shirt to a size 5 length.  Rough times, I tell you.  So, not only do I usually like to cut this shirt longer, but I didn't do that, and it's snug getting on to begin with.  Bah, humbug, LOL.  

Just your basic Joann Fabrics buttons!
The skirt is cut longer by a 1/2 inch or so, and I did at first think I'd effed that up, too, but I didn't - whew!  This is such easy construction, though in my frazzled state, I was confusing myself about how to do the waistband, LOL...though all worked out!
Ceramic buttons I love...but which will likely BREAK...believe me; I know  :/

Note the wrinkles!  That's what I get for waiting for days before photographing
Per usual, the pattern is written well, and I love that it looks cool without a lot of hassle; there aren't many pattern pieces, and you can get fancy - or NOT....I opted not to use a contrasting top stitching color on the shirt, as it seemed a bit silly and overpowering when I tried.  To me, though, top stitching colors and buttons can really make an outfit, so, I tried to be zesty ;)

Camden loves this outfit, and we'll make a big outing to the library tomorrow wearing it.  (I just hope el bebe loves story time, also, aha!)
How great is this owl fabric from my stash????

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Deva Sweaters and the Throes of Labor

So...I may or may NOT be in the throes of labor.  Just putting that out there - if this post sounds wack, you'll know why ;)  It's crazy to think that, after FOUR years, I am doing this again!!!  :O  (Meanwhile, the child NOT inside my body is shouting herself some Katy Perry to fall asleep....)

So you all know, I've prepped lasagna sauce, minus the meat (well, who knew this baby would start working its way out TODAY???....I hope it thaws rather quickly overnight!), and I've vacuumed and wiped down the fridge and counters and floors.  We should be good to go tomorrow if this baby pops!  And seeing as how this baby was so kind to hold out while I sewed up through the final buttons today, I should be kind enough to put away all sewing materials and get this house whipped into shape, right?!!

And here is the last thing I had the chance to knit el bebe.  Basic hat (which is likely too big for a newborn, of course) and a pair of longies on Mosaic Moon Woodland Friends.

Anyway, digressions aside.... I love Camden's Deva sweater by Elena Nodel!  Of course, right???  It IS tricky, I always find, to get good pictures of knits - especially a knit with lace work.  I wanted to sneak in pictures fast today - just in case a baby arrived this week...and good thing I did so!  (It's now a matter of somehow sneaking in pictures of two other outfits tomorrow, if I'm not writhing in pain, LOL!)  So, I'm not sure the pictures do it justice, but it's pretty cute - and super bright!

I used Colour Adventures Dia Merino DK (I think that's the base I used!) in Fresh Leaves.  I had a hard time meeting gauge, and I wanted to do a size 4.  I believe I cast on for a size 3 and still ended up knitting larger than a size, I did the length, I think, of a size 5.  You'll have to forgive my vagueness.  I was quite stressed about not meeting gauge, and that's what is happening with a Saffron I'm knitting right now, so, I will soon do an experiment to see if Karbonz needles help me knit at a tighter gauge.

It was actually warm enough - almost 60 degrees, aha! - to go without a coat for a short time today, mostly indoors, of course.  The only top I've found that I like underneath this sweater vest is a camisole.  We tried to find a long-sleeved white tee, but Old Navy has clearly moved onto summer gear.  Also, I love my little girl reading books at a wee table :)

And a couple more pictures, because you need them!
Staring the day out brrr chilly!

Ending the day with fun times, as it's a bit warmer

Zigs and Zags - A Chevron Bubble Dress

The first fully-completed project from this past weekend was the Oliver and S Bubble Dress, which Camden already loves.  Naturally, because of this love, it was windy AGAIN and cold this morning...a wee dusting of snow had accumulated overnight, so, I nixed wearing the bubble dress to gymnastics ;)

But I always.  I managed to whip this dress up pretty quickly, as I've sewn it a few times before, and there aren't that many pattern pieces.

I HAD taken the time to try and ensure the sections matched up across the bottom back and the side seams, but I did NOT think to do that with the two back pieces, which you'll notice in photos below.  Also, I had the choice, thankfully within my own stash, of going with red or blue buttons, and I chose blue for the pop, but I still don't know if that's what I should have done.  Ah, well - a spark of color never hurt anyone.
The wind was EVERYwhere, so, I couldn't get the dress to lie the way I wanted!

Old incarnations of the long ago, it seems:

July 2011

August 2012
This pattern always fits well - though I should have thought of lengthening it, as with many Oliver and S dresses, she outgrows the length first, which seems normal, of course.  My one issue - and I always assume it's only ME that it affects, aha! - is that I never truly have understood how to neatly finish up the button placket, where it folds under and then meets with the skirt portion.  From the outside, it looks okay, but it's NOT pretty inside.

She was pretty chilly for these photos, as with the Modern Pixie photos.  The wind almost took the poor child away, aha!  I debated re-doing the photo shoot, but it it was just as windy today, and ain't nobody got time to wait around for a second chance at pictures when there is a baby on the way.  So, these'll suffice.

Her face here makes me think of what she'll look like when she's older!

So, short post for a little red dress!  Next up, hopefully this week:  The Tea Party Sundress and the Elena Nodel Deva sweater....and quite possibly the Sailboat skirt and top!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Looking Hip: TWO Modern Pixies!

This could very well be my last blog post as a mother of one...OUTSIDE of the uterus!  Dare I hope that it stays that way for a few more days????  I've been sewing up a storm this weekend, and I'm not yet done.  After some minor details are complete, I will have finished three dresses, a skirt, and a top.  In my wildest dreams, I will also have the chance to trace, cut and sew a couple more patterns, but let's not get hasty, eh?  ;)

All that aside, though...knitting is the point of this post!  Which project, you say?  Why, I did a KAL of sorts with a friend, Terri - the Modern Pixie by Elena Nodel.  I've been in suspense to share this sweater, and I chose the ONE insanely WINDY day on which to take pictures, so, take care to ignore Camden's windswept look.
Camden would love that horse!

The wee headband she received at a birthday party!

The pattern itself is SOOOO easy/such a basic, in terms of straight-up stockinette, but it has such a cool look about it.  Camden loves this sweater, and I don't know if wee Amelia does, but she should - hers looks awesome!  I'm glad we each went with a different striping method, so, it gives you the chance to see a couple versions.  My ONLY issue is that I honestly suck at striping.  I carried the yarn in this sweater, and it wouldn't have mattered if I'd NOT carried it.  End-weaving also leaves an un-pretty look for me.  If anyone knows of a better way to carry yarn and NOT have an ugly "seam" of sorts, let me know!  Terri apparently works magic, as hers is great.  I suppose you can't really tell in the pictures I chose to put up, but I promise the funny look is there.  Also, in the sweater link, you can see there is a belt option, but I chose not to add that, as it wouldn't look right, in my opinion.

For Camden's sweater, I used Colour Adventures Little Mermaids and Bleeding Heart colorways (list/pictures of colors HERE), and the yarn is fantastic.  Naturally, I had to go down a needle size, because I am a loose knitter - and I honestly think going down two needle sizes IS smarter (this is per an Elena sweater I just finished, by the way - more on that another day!), as with blocking, I think I'd be more on gauge.  (The smart person would just start wet-blocking...and I definitely plan to do that when I knit my OWN sweaters!)  The yarn was delightful, as always with CA yarns.  I have quite the stock pile of CA yarns to work through, actually ;)

Terri used Madelinetosh Tosh Chunky, which I've heard is awesome possum yarn but haven't yet used.  She used the colorways Vishnu and Button Jar Blue, which look super great together.  She also had no issues with the pattern, and it's lovely on Amelia.

These colorways are this lovely in PERSON!

The mean wall hurt Camden's hand a few minutes into the photo shoot, so, she went from silly to sad; thank goodness her dad was there to give kisses.


Don't mind his crazy sword-fighting glove ;)
The unknown count-down to el bebe's appearance continues....But here is one last shot of the big sister!

Wearing those Nozky leg warmers by Monika Sirna!