Thursday, July 3, 2014

Seuss Rides Again: A Modkid Bailey Romper

For some reason, Camden LOVES the Modkid Bailey romper.  She adored it the first time, and she was super excited when she could change out of her yellow dress INTO this romper.
Circa Spring 2013
The new version is just as fun and was just as easy to sew (I mean unless you count all those annoying rows of shirring, aha!)!
Weirdo girl!
In this 2014 version, I made sure to lengthen the top, as I found the first time, the bodice was too short.  I lengthened it a smidge, and I may or may not have used a smaller seam allowance where the bodice meets the waistband (I also used a 1/4" to 3/8" SA on the cuff attachment).  It fits better than her last one did.  Also, the only other thing I changed was in using a button hole this time around, rather than sewing on lame snaps.  I don't have cool snaps and a snap press or anything, so, when I did it the first time, I wasn't super pleased with the wee metal snaps.  I do NOT love the D-ring, but in Bend, I only have access to Joann Fabrics and the like, so, I used what they had, though I'd prefer a rectangular ring.

As always, I love Modkid patterns, so, I have nothing fancy to say about this one - though I stilllll wish people would stop going PDF-only.  I want more paper patterns :(  Just thought I'd throw that out there, LOL.

Telling me she wanted to pose

Funny how the difference of a chair sure spiffed up that smile!