Sunday, July 12, 2015

Knitting Toys: Never Say Never (A Bonbon Bunny!)

Let's be honest.....I'm just more of a practical knitter, in terms of what I choose to knit (clearly NOT in terms of yarn choices that are more expensive, etc....LOL) - I like to knit items I know are meant to keep my children warm.  Sweaters, cowls, hats and socks fit the bill.  Am I the wise knitter who only knits one sweater each per year for my children?  Well, no.  Let's not go THAT far.

But...a TOY????

I used to say I didn't like "knitty things"....and here we all are.  I also said I didn't want to knit toys.  I mean, who has time for that?!  There are too many other things to knit - and SEW.  Then I saw the Bonbon bunny by Susan Claudino (her site is No Knit Sherlock).  OMG.  I die of cuteness overload, if I'm being real.

I knew I wanted this for my daughter....THEN I thought to myself, "Gosh, don't all her COUSINS need these, too?!"  So....I guess one could say, "Here we go....."  So far, I have only managed to squeeze in Camden's, though I have great plans for using stash yarn for one for Tiberius, Camden's friends and then possibly her cousins.  Whew.

It is honestly a super fast project.  It did take me two months - but only because I didn't have on hand any wool with which to stuff the sucker.  I know most people use poly-fil, but I clearly want to veer from polyester, wherever and whenever I can, so, I found a bump/bat/roving/squishy bit somewhere in Portland.  I need to find them again when i run out :O.  This made me super happy, of course!!!  It should be enough for several small toys.

Susan is a detailed, clear pattern writer, and I had no questions about the pattern at all (weird, right??!!  LOL).  It is designed for worsted weight yarn, but I used Gnome Acres fingering weight House Gnome yarn in the colorway Little Bunny Foo Foo.  (I had, by the way, tried to knit both a hat and a sock out of this yarn, to no avail, so, this was the best project for it.)

It turned out pretty cute, for my first toy, though there is a bit of wool fuzz peeking out.  I did buy 9 mm and 12 mm eyes from the shop 6060 on Etsy, and I should have used the 9 mm, just because the backs on the 12 mm are awkwardly big on the inside of the head, so, I couldn't get the stuffing to fill it out nicely - poor thing looks a big awkward ;)  Ah, well, as he is cute, anyway.  Well, I say he is a boy, but Camden says her bunny is a girl.  Last night, the bunny's name was Colorful Bunny, but now, her name is Knuffle Bunny - after the Knuffle Bunny books by Mo Willems (who is AWESOME, by the way!).

That's that, folks....don't think you won't see more of these ;)

Also, we got up to some nonsense, as always....
Salt, glue and watercolors

His favorite place

Yes, that's right....Theeeee Cpt. Smith - of Titanic fame/not-fame

Homemade play dough...using my garlic press :O

Saturday, July 11, 2015

To Gift or Not to Gift....A Zilver

Such a pretty shawl!!  I actually finished it a few weeks ago, and though I've been quiet on the blogging front, I have been at work on another project (my first knitted toy, which will be my next post).

I wanted to finish this Zilver shawl (a free pattern!) in time for the Stitch Addiction podcast KAL, and I did, though I didn't win, aha! I do love that extra motivation, though, for doing a project.
Of course....
I used Crazy Monkey Creations Monkey Toes (I have to say I'm confused now, as Monkey Toes is 100% merino, and I swear mine has bamboo content...), which is some of the first hand-dyed yarn I'd ever purchased - way back at the first Sock Summit.  I have misplaced the tag, so, I'm not sure of the colorway, but I managed to use 90 grams of the 100.  I did want to do more rows, but at that point, I was over it and just wanted it done/wanted less hand pain.  I am pretty sure it blocked out to 59 inches for the wingspan, which works, though a bit longer would be nice, LOL.
She gives up?
It's lovely and soft - and I would totally keep it, but I know how it'll go with shawls - I'd love to keep them all, so, I feel I should gift this one, if my friend would like it.  I'll bring it on my trip in a week or so and let her check it out.

Besides being awesomely free and a simple design, Zilver was easy to follow, no issues to be had, though I agree with Nina from the This Old Knit podcast about wishing the shawl had a garter tab cast-on, rather than a simple cast-on.  And it's funny - I have a rounded point at the bottom, rather than a pointy point ;)

Lastly, a few days in review.....

Making puffy paint!!!
Crazy puffy project 
Floating with friends
Saying good-bye is so hard....LOL