Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Josephine: A Lovely Name for a Lovely Dress

Clearly, the Josephine dress by Violette Field Threads is one I enjoy making Camden.

I promise, btw, that I tried to pat the dress down, but I don't know what happened
But...let's not get hasty!  I love the end product, and I love the pintucks, and I love the fun button ruffle - but WAIT.  I do not love sewing buttonholes on the TOP of the button ruffle tab.  It makes me want to stab my eyes out, though, because, as mentioned in the other Josephine post, I can't sew the top buttonhole far enough UP that it keeps the placket against the other placket - because my machine hates me and often doesn't like to do TOP buttonholes.  I should go back in and sew in a hidden snap, as that'll help, and I believe I have done that before.

She wanted to do this post, LOL
I sewed this dress up months ago, but it definitely had a nightgown-type look to it, though I hadn't felt that way about previous versions.  I know Camden hasn't grown that much at all in the past several months, but it seems fine on now!  She definitely wanted the cuff folded up, so, it's a good thing I never did sew buttons on the cuff, like I normally do - whew!

The pattern, as usual, works up nicely, and I actually had also started a blouse version, as I always like to do a couple-few at a time, but I need to finish it up and pair it with some more Whitney trousers, also by VFT....I suppose I should find fabric for that project!

This dress insists on sticking out at that placket, LOL
I finally have new shoes for Camden (shout out to her grandma!), so, that worked out nicely, and I did end up buying tights, but the fun purple socks stayed on because you can't go wrong with purple on purple, y'all!  And I may end up taking photos inside of her school building, because the light is so glaringly bright outside (big problems, right??  LOL), and you know I'm not a fancy photographer, much less a photo editor, aha.

Camden is enjoying her once-a-week class through her charter school, and she is taking both choir and guitar, which is great!  I'm so happy she gets to have fun with friends, even if it's just for a few hours.  MOM FAIL ALERT, though:  Some moms pick up their kids LATE at the end of a school day.....I accidentally picked Camden up an hour earlier than normal.  As it is, she is only able to attend 2.5 hours of the school day, because she leaves half an hour early for ballet.  For some reason, I was SO OFF last week (partly because I didn't have Tiberius with me, and I'd just had a massage and a rushed work-out - which clearly didn't need to be rushed ) that I showed up and grabbed her at 2:30, rather than 3:30, and I didn't realize it until we'd changed clothing at the ballet studio.  I felt so bad that she'd missed so much class time...and bad for myself, LOL, because it was the LAST of the totally kid-free 20 ours I had!  Tiberius was staying with his grandparents up in WA, and I was able to sew HIM two shirts and a pair of pants while Camden was at a sleepover, which was awesome!!  Anyway, that will not happen again - oops!

In fact, stay tuned for the blog post detailing Tiberius's new duds - and hopefully one in the not-too-distant future about the Whitney trousers and Josephine blouse!!

Days in the life...
Matt whipped up a wee rocking chair for her doll!

Our date night with a friend!
I was able to have a sewing date with Matt's mom!!!!

Weird kid!
Wearing a hat I haven't yet blogged...why???
Matt also made a Star Wars heavy blaster for Tiberius!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Double Whammy! Saffron Twirls and Tallulah Dreams

Camden fell in love with the Saffron dress by Paisley Roots the first time I made it...500 years ago.  I feel awful that I didn't make her a second one SOONER. happens, along with babies.  And besides, that dress DID fit for another year or two, aha!  That's my excuse.
She was TINY!


For the second incarnation, I knew I wanted to again sew it in double gauze, so, I especially purchased this Nani Iro (find gorgeous double gauzes HERE) for the project....maybe last fall.  Oops.

I changed up the pattern, as I did with the first version, but this time, I tried to use my brains a bit more...well, and I maybe failed on that, too, aha.  I didn't use the back button tab on the first version, and the straps totally came off Camden's shoulders all the time.  I knew I'd need to incorporate the tab on the second dress, but I still wanted to keep it simple, so, I made sure to sew in the tab onto ONE side of the back pieces, and I then sewed the other end into an opening I'd created on the other side of the back bodice, just top-stitching it in place.  I did have to take that in a tiny bit, as there was too much fabric - even more than you see in the photos.

I also changed up the neckline, and I curved it, thinking that's what I'd done the first time, but as it turns out, that's not true - no biggie.  I like it just as is!  And this time, I sewed the ties into the bodice side seams, which I didn't do the first time...for lack of pattern reading, if I remember right, aha!  And because I wanted simplicity, I use the same fabric for the ties as I did the main dress.

Lastly, I didn't plan ahead for the back elastic casing - though I DID do so the first time.  I felt this time, though, that I'd just figure my way around it and have LESS hassle than the first time.  The first version had me cutting a crazy back bodice on the fold, I believe, which worked out just fine.  This time, I made the casing in the same pink I used for the lining, and I applied it to the serged seam.  This worked to also cover up that seam, as it wanted to position itself in the upward position.  This is clearly NOT a fancy finish, but it works!

Overall, I LOVE the dress, and so does Camden.  Karly of Paisley Roots writes up a lovely pattern, and I still want to sew her Thyme vest design!!  And....the dress was a hit at her first day of charter school - all the teachers loved it, and Camden said some of her friends did, too!

Second up is the Tallulah sweater by Sarah Ronchetti of Sezza Knits (FB page).  I have previously knit two of her designs HERE and HERE.  The pattern was well-written and super easy!  It's a simple, classy design, and it's meant to be more cropped, but I totally knit a size up, as I was concerned that knitting a size 7 would make it too small sooner rather than later.  This means you should ignore how large it is on her, as the sizing is great...but it should fit just write about a year from now, aha!

I didn't change anything dramatically, other than to knit a 2 by 2 rib, which is par for the course for me....I'm LAZY.  I love that I had AWESOME, simple buttons to match the gorgeous Colour Adventures yarn.  I purchased this yarn a thousand years ago, and it is the Dia Merino DK base in the color Tea Rose.

The sweater makes me happy, even just for the simple fact that it was FAST and it was the first sweater I've knit since this past winter - so....score!  And YES....she did have to suffer through photos in a sweater during the HEAT :O

Her brother received some stanky face, aha!

And some life bits....
Some dagger sanding before heading out to work the Central Oregon fires
And speaking of fires....

A little post-accident care

Friday, September 1, 2017

New School Duds: Pairing Zonen Jacob with Figgy's Ayashe


I get TOO happy when I see this outfit on Camden!!  I don't know if you recall, but I made Camden a Figgy's Ayashe blouse back in December of last year, and I maybe mentioned that I'd also made two pair with Zonen Jacob pants (their FB page).

Well, yay - I finally did!  Better late than never???  All is well in the end, as this is the perfect back-to-school outfit.  You can see in the December post that the first blouse will also pair with these pants perfectly.  I was pretty intentional at the time - rare for me, I think.

I'm pretty excited - this pairing, to me, is great - simple and cozy!  I love Ayashe blouses on Camden, and shame on me for having not made Camden a pair of Jacob pants since this pair a year and a half ago.

The pants turned out delightfully, but I subconsciously chose laziness when sewing them.  I didn't include a fly, because, for some reason, I assumed I hadn't on the last pair, and it turns out I HAD.  Ah, well - saved me some time, aha!  I did use a cute contrasting fabric as a pocket liner on the front pockets, though the pattern does not call for a pocket liner on the front OR the back.  I didn't line the back pockets, but I did make sure to fold down the top edge twice, though the pattern doesn't call for that either; it just makes me feel better deep down inside.

I have nothing riveting to say about either pattern, as I've blogged about them both before, but LOOK how CUTE the outfit is - well, either, really!  The pink flowered blouse is a gauze, and the other is a super lightweight fabric - possibly a lawn, but I can't recall.
She needed me to photograph this map she drew from Calvin and Hobbes

I also made sure to sneak Camden's green socks into the photos, too!  And speaking of hand-knit socks, I have a pair on the needles for Camden - and a pair for myself.  I suppose I should search for a yarn to use for Tiberius, but in the meantime, I'm working on the re-knit of the Antler sweater for Tiberius...and a Christmas in July for Camden (first version blogged here).  (I'll soon blog about about a Tallulah I just finished for Camden, too!)  So, I have a lot of plans, but I'd also love to cast on a new shawl soon, and I'm thinking I'll have a hard time, as I'll want to choose yarn first - THEN shawl pattern, which can be tricky for me.

And...basically a DAY in the life - probably our last warm ocean visit for the year!
That face, aha!

And this doesn't do the regional air quality was BAD...and still isn't great