Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Looking Ahead to a Petite Polished

Y'all are in store for a cozy twosome in this post!  Camden gets to show off a new hat AND a new sweater!

For such a lovely sweater, I took so long to write the blog post that the Petite Polished shows wear. I would say it honestly started pilling pretty soon after finishing it, too.  I wanted to hold out on allowing Camden to wear this design by Alicia Plummer, but since I finished it in October and she needed a pull-over, well, that was that.  Originally, I'd wanted to sew her new jeans first for a nice photo combo, but I have yet to get around to sewing those.  Maybe next week, aha.

There was some silliness in knitting this pattern, though the pattern itself was lovely.  Because of my gauge, I added extra yoke rounds, but in doing THAT, I also added extra increases, which wasn't great for the sleeves, and when I started the first sleeve, I realized my mistake and had to rip back and decrease differently.  I wasn't sure that it'd work, considering I couldn't just get rid of the original sleeve stitch count, but it ended up being okay.    I alternated skeins, and while the gauge called for is looser than I like to knit a DK weight yarn, it does look nice.  In saying that, I wonder if it'd be AS pilled as it is if I knit at a tighter gauge.  I knit with Tanis Fiber Arts PureWash DK in the Luna Gray colorway.  I was glad for Camden to have a somewhat neutral-toned sweater, which it is, but she really still needs another pull-over - and a cardigan, while we're at it.  I had been desperate to try the PureWash base for some time (because of its more eco-friendly "super-washing" process, and it is nice to knit with, but I'm not sure I'll knit with it again, unless I do try some time, at a tighter gauge.  Overall, the sweater is quite lovely, and Camden loves to wear it!

As for Camden's hat, this is another moment where I feel cool that I knit with deep stash yarn!!!  The yarn was purchased way back in 2012, and I had paid an Etsy seller to knit a sweater for Camden, because I didn't trust my abilities or something and figured another person would knit it faster, LOL.  Anyway, the remnants have been in my stash every since, some lovely Madelinetosh colorway - I think it was Truly, Madly, Deeply.
A tiny July 2012 Camden!
Looking Ahead, designed by Veera Valimaki, is a simple-enough pattern, thought I botched up the decreases a bit; it was hard to know how to stay in pattern, or I'd get off track.  Either way, it is cute, and I also had a feeling it'd be super cute with a faux fur pom pom, and I was RIGHT!  I am so glad I ordered from Thread Head Knits.  She has tons of choices, and I bought my poms as a bulk order, but keep in mind that some colors can't be ordered in bulk buys.  I was winging it on color choices, but I figured something I ordered would work, and the light pink is so pretty with the hat.
Even here, you can see the pilling.  I really should get a Gleener!

I am pretty happy that I have been working through stash yarns - for the kids or for others.  I am knitting two wee sweaters for twins right now - one down, one to go!  And I have recently knit another pair of mittens each for the kids, both from scrap yarns.

Lastly, so much has happened since the last post, but here are some snippets from some days!!
She worked on this longhouse with her dad.  She presented very well!

Their monsters are afraid of faeries!
But their monsters love to eat!
This and the next shot are the same beach, same five minutes, LOL

A gift her grandma made!!!
Gift for baby cousin Helen!

They are now obsessed with The Lion King!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Reaching for the [Dog] Stars: Tin Can Knits

It has been a year and a million since Tiberius has been featured in a blog post.  Poor little guy.

Of course, he cares NOT at all, aha, but I feel bad, of course.  Lately, he has been wearing his sister's old sweaters, which works out nicely, but I knew he was going to be too large for at least one of them, and one pullover left simply can't be enough!!!  So, he clearly need another - in the form of the Dog Star by Tin Can Knits.  It came out last year, and for some reason, when their new collection, Strange Brew, came out recently, I thought it was part of that, aha!  

The pattern is crazy easy, naturally, though the wording for the short rows is a bit weird, or maybe my stitch marker placement was off to begin with, which doesn't make sense.  Either way, I knit the sweater alllll the way through binding off, then I realized my short rows were off - to the side of the back.  No bueno, clearly, so, I had to rip out my sewn bind-off then re-do all of that, no biggie in the end, I know, but still sad.  I then proceeded to knit back through the neck ribbing with my main needle, rather than sizing down, so, I had to rip out the ribbing a second time.  I have no idea what was happening.  Crazy town.  

The pattern calls for needle sizes 6 and 4, and I used 4s and 2.5s.  I knew I was knitting at a tighter gauge, but I liked my fabric, so, I knit the size 2/4 width and the size 4/6 length, no big deal.  The yardage called for was quite high, and I was concerned I didn't have enough yarn, so, I added color work to the bottom of the sweater, which wasn't a big deal in the end, as I found another skein of the main color.  In the end, though, it's nice I didn't crack into that extra skein, but even then, the yardage called for seems excessive, as I think I used two skeins of Cascade Heathers for the main color, River Rock, which is only 440 yards.  I also used colorways Pacific and Summer Sky and sort of winged it for color placement.

I love how the sweater turned out, and it was actually my FIRST time knitting with Cascade Heathers.... I think, anyway!  I could be lying, aha!  The fabric is great, and I am glad it'll fit through next winter, because of the length, though I probably did make the cuffs a bit snug.  I like a snug cuff, but hmmm... maybe I went a bit far, aha.  (Secretly, another great thing is that I used FREE stash yarn, as someone had given this to me!!)

Some days...including Halloween - for which Matt receives most of the credit.  He made their costumes, though I did make Tiberius a pair of Oliver and S Field Trip Cargo Pants, minus the cargo pockets.