Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Modkid Naomi - In Which We Again Pretend It's Summer!

THIS, my friends, is a quick sew, if you're feeling rebellious and want to leave out the pockets AND the bottom ruffle....which is what I did ;)

I did a version of Modkid Naomi two years ago, and while it was cute, I almost thought it was too busy.  I wish I hadn't added the pocket, as I think it's toooo large for the dress in a size 2T (3T, perhaps???), and the ruffle is okay at the bottom, but I wanted an overall simpler look - which shoot!!!  I LOVED that fabric, so, I feel I didn't do it justice, and that always stinks.  And even if I hadn't done that pocket in a garish yellow, it would still seem off to me, aha!  Anyway, my bad.

So, this time, I envisioned something quite simple in comparison.  The pattern itself is super easy to put together, though I did change up a few things.  When constructing the bodice front and back, I did NOT sew the skirt back and front separately to the bodice back and front.  Instead, I sewed the skirt in one loop (which means my one seam is at the back of the dress) and the bodice in one loop, as I have a great disdain for exposed seams at the underarms in this sort of design/sleeveless item.  This meant I had to add the elastic in a bit differently to the bodice back, which was fine, just slightly annoying, aha!

(Brief interlude....I totally ironed my interfacing to the RIGHT side of the bodice, which made me want to punch a table, but I was finally able to peel it off, and I made THAT side the inside of the bodice, LOL.)

I also clearly left off the pocket this time around - and I did a folded straight hem at the bottom, keeping it classy, aha!  My contrast fabrics didn't *quite* match the main fabric - oh, believe me, I know - but I went with it, anyway.  Also, I used shot cottons, which are a fave of mine - and which are a better match for this fabric, in my most humble of opinions - over quilting cotton.

Lastly, I did not shirr the back of the dress, liking the look without it.  (You can see the shirring above, on the version I made when Camden was 2.)

Something to keep in mind with this pattern is that the bodice stops at an odd point on a child with a belly, and it seems quite snug around the chest - this time around, I went wayyyyy up to a size 5, though Camden isn't exactly huge and isn't even 4 years old.  And I find it fits perfectly well, LOL.

Wait'll these ceramic buttons are in a million pieces....

This was her "real" smile, apparently
Camden super loves this dress, though she clearly will appreciate it more when the air is a bit warmer.

Lastly, in case you weren't sure of her name.....


  1. Beautiful dress. The fabrics and buttons are so beautiful. I'd love to know how the ceramic buttons hold up. I have never used them.

    1. thanks! oh - and i can tell you how those suckers hold up...sadly, first-hand ;) do NOT drop them on tile, aha! (as one would figure.) i have broken buttons on three different things - well, between camden and myself, on two knitted hats and one sewn dress. yikes!! other than that, they're lovely ;)