Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Seashore the High Desert...It's Cool

Maybe if I had set up some lovely beach scene, we could all pretend it's super warm out again!!!  Even pulling out the pail and shovel may have given *some* sort of illusion...

Ah, well - this is reality!  It did hit 50-something today, and it was gorgeous outside, so, I'm not complaining.  We fit in our third bike ride of the week, putting me at 12 miles or so in three days - not bad for about 32 weeks pregnant, aha - hauling Camden an' all!  (But let's be honest:  I have been in gear 1 getting up some of the hills of late!)

I am clearly entirely off-topic at this point, which is part of a bigger issue:  I have 7-8 items I want to sew BEFORE the baby is born, and I'm realizing RIGHTTHISVERYSECOND that it will NOT happen - yikes!  I take one of my machines - and my serger - in for servicing next weekend, which is GREAT....but I can't finish projects without my serger.  I will be without that sucker for two weeks.  So...much prepping of projects in that time???

Back on topic:  I have a lovely Oliver and S Seashore Sundress to present today.  Camden loves it, and I'm glad I did step it up a wee teeeeny bit and actually just add some flat piping.  Don't ask me to do much more with any given pattern, per the bold plans stated above.  I gotta whip these suckers OUT.

Sneaking in a Sweet Poppy sweater shot, LOL

This is the third Seashore I have made Camden - always basic, nothing fancy, though I have seen some super cute ones out there.

A LONG time ago!

I love this style, because it's slim-fitting, and naturally, we can just put a tee under it if it's a bit chillier, even though it's not the BEST styling for this dress.  You'll note I made Camden enjoy the crisp air in the photos, though she IS wearing leggings, LOL.

You can just barely see the piping at the pockets, too

She said she needed a picture of her SHOE

This is the largest size - size 4 - of the smaller size set, and I'm SAD to discover that I, for some reason, do NOT have the larger size set, so, that will clearly need to be remedied.  The fit is great, as she is going to be 4 in March, though I know this size will definitely be a bit more form-fitting, come fall.  If there is errata to go along with this pattern, I've never bothered to look it up.  Everything lines up nicely, and I don't use any fancy markings - nice!  I do feel like it comes up higher on Camden - and that other people sew their button holes a teensy bit higher on the strap, but ah, well.  It all works out, LOL!

Note the flap piping peeking out a bit wider at the top  :O


  1. adorable dress! I love the piping.

  2. thanks - i think it helps the colors on the main fabric pop a bit better!

  3. So cute. Love your fabric choice. And the piping is awesome.