Monday, February 10, 2014

That Whole "So Much to Do... So Little Time..."

Wow, peeps.  That's all I can say - WOW.

A baby is coming - and FAST.  I mean, I have a whole FIVE WEEKS or so, but that isn't nearly enough time to accomplish what I must.

My blog has been quiet over the past few weeks, because I've been knittingknittingknitting.  For two weeks, my serger and one of my sewing machines have been held hostage by Modern Domestic up in Portland, as I needed a servicing on each.  No biggie - I'd love a smooth-operating kind of machine - BUT.

The SNOW hit.  We received about two feet here in Bend, and smart people know that to head up to Portland to drive around with the crazies on icy roads is just asking for trouble, so, while we were to head up this past weekend for a baby shower, it wasn't to be.  We stuck around here, and I did complete a full pair of socks.  I will bore y'all with a blog post covering all my knitting over the past month - probably in a couple weeks, as I complete MORE projects.  As I'm still without a serger until we can next get up to Portland, I have to pretty much take advantage of all knitting time that I can, so, socks, hats and a baby sweater will be featured when I can finish a bit more.  I even managed to squeeze in a few gift knit baby items :)

Now - on to my POST-baby to-do list:  There are several things I cannot knit until I know the gender of the baby, for yarn-buying purposes and such.  I have three major projects I would like to accomplish right after el bebe pops out.  I mean, I'm SURE I'll have OODLES of knitting time, right??!!!


One of the first things I'd like to knit, which I have knit a couple times before, is the Rhino Romper, a pattern designed by a lovely friend of mine.  It's cute, cozy and pretty stinkin' easy, as far as patterns go!

Supa' score!  It's a FREE pattern:  Picture/Pattern source
Another pattern I can't wait to knit is the Sunnyside by Tanis Fiber Arts - sososo cute!!!  Alas, it's fingering weight, so, I'll count my lucky stars that I plan on doing the 6-12 month size, likely (which means SMALL)!  And I'll need some gorgeous yarn to accomplish the project!  As you can see below, there is a more boyish version and a more girly version, which is another reason I'm waiting!

ALSO FREE:  Picture/Pattern source

One other pattern I'm dying to do is the bunting that Melissa of Dandelion Girl Designs is putting out in collaboration with Swans Island yarns.  (I think I have that information right!)  I don't think it has a specific name, yet, but it's sooo simple and great that I would love to be able to whip out one of these - and I probably should try that SI yarn - now or never, right???  This project would be great in a neutral, but I'm debating on what I want to do!

This will NOT be a free pattern, LOL...and it's not quite published:  Picture Source

I clearly have much more to do than this, but for now, I'll leave you with this last romper, the Hootie Who by Teresa Cole.  I've seen the same friend from up above whip this one up, and it's just fabulous.  I never got around to knitting one for Camden, but I clearly will need to do so for this wee baby.  I'm also waiting on knowing gender, as I want to pick a yarn I SUPER love.

Pattern for $7!!  Picture/Pattern source

Lastly, I'll leave you with a few (or more) pictures of what it's like here in Bend...and how my little girl enjoyed the past few days (when she wasn't INSIDE, emotional as all get-out!).

Some tosses into the snow

Making andouille sausage...???!!!  Don't ask!

Tough times, working with wood

Get to work!

A spot 'o tea for the likes of these two!

I do hope to have a few more things cracked out so I can write up one big knitting blog post - most of the projects are just socks, LOL, but hey!  I have to do as much as I can...which means making sure el bebe has warm feet!


  1. All the projects look fantastic. I want to have another baby (unlikely) so I can knit a romper.

    1. LOL! i just hope i get through any of THESE rompers! i remember that it's not so easy to knit after a baby is born! :O LOL

  2. Laurel! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. There's more info on my blog. All of your makes are amazing. I'm sure your kids are very stylish! :)

    1. wait - what??? i saw your blog post e-mail but haven't had a chance to sit and read it to do that now! and thanks, lady!! i sure wish i had been sewing the past 2-3 weeks, LOL!