Friday, January 3, 2014

Ain't Nobody Apple-Picking Right NOW!...except THIS Girl!

Yay!  Just as pleased to do this dress the second time around!  Presenting....the Oliver and S Apple Picking Dress:

Also works as a back-up Easter dress, if I get too busy!

Honestly, this is really a great pattern, and if there are any errors in the pattern, I never noticed them in construction, and it comes out so nicely.  The first version I did two summers ago, and I had used a Nani Iro double gauze that was just lovely, but it was glorious to sew this one up in a quilting cotton.

She was SO little!!!

I managed again to use something from my stash, even though I had sworn up and down to myself that I did NOT, indeed, have enough of any one fabric to do this pattern.  So...yay for small miracles!  I wish I'd done it during the warmer weather, but whaddya gonna do?

As I get more experienced with sewing, I (hopefully!) make any given pattern just a little better the second time around.  I think my collar tie came out better this time, and who knows - maybe the button holes did, too ;)  I DID use a regular line of top-stitching at a length of 3 for the skirt hemming, rather than using the blind hem foot, which is the route I'd gone with the double gauze version (I tell you WHAT - I can NEVER remember how to get that to work right without many reminders from much smarter people, LOL...which is why I did NOT do it this time).

One thing I love, even if they're simple and cheap, are cute buttons, so, the red buttons here make me happy!

I will admit these pictures were sort of rushed, per usual - it was FREEZING out today, especially with the wind, and I honestly thought it would be gloriously warm outside - my bad.  See how my child was soooo COLD???  Poor thing - I suffered, too, but I guess I should have brought her a hat and a scarf.

"I'm cold, mama!"

A little bit cheerier, with a sweater on ;)
Springtime in Hollis Sweater

On the docket...working on Zonen Jacob pants in a super cute corduroy!  I'd meant to have them finished before Christmas, along with a super cute Bloomsbury Kids sweater, but nice try, chucky.  I don't know WHAT I was imagining with that goal!
Also finished, but not blocked, is a Paprika sweater, so, I hope to have a blog post ready to go early next week!