Friday, October 26, 2018

Uptown, Downtown, Pumpkin Patch or Back Yard: Sew Straight Patterns

I have fallen off the deep end.  Sadly cliche, but oh-so-true.

I have already sewn six Uptown/Downtown Dresses by Sew Straight Patterns.  And that was in the course of two weeks, I believe.  This Dress is crazy simple and addicting!

I knew I liked cowl neck dresses, as I sewed a few Heidi and Finn Cowl Neck Dresses back in the day.  See below for crazy cuteness!  But the sizing update for the H and F pattern wasn't sent to previous buyers of the pattern, so, I have been on the fence for quite a while about buying another pattern in larger sizes.  I have talked with my sewing peeps for ages about which pattern to buy - which one offered the best slim fit I was going for - and a cowl.  The cowl IS the thing, y'all. 

Anyway, super boring story short, I finally took the plunge and decided on the Uptown/Dowtown pattern.  I am so glad!  I like the shape of the cowl, and the fit of the dress is nice and slim, and you have options for sleeveless, plain neck, longer skirt, etc.  I sewed it the same EVERY TIME, though, aha.  It is literally the only version I like for this pattern, in terms of my style.  Which is apparently Camden's style ;)  I did lengthen the dress and the sleeves, though - one inch on each of Camden's versions, pictured here, and then four inches on her friend's.  Her friend, Elora, is about four inches taller than Camden, which clearly doesn't mean I should lengthen the dress that same amount, but I was playing it safe.  I ended up going with a bigger hem, probably a two full inches folded.  Thankfully, I had her on standby, so, she was able to try it on.  (I have since made her another, which I hope to have pictured on the blog when I do my next post about this pattern.)

Elora's dress is in some cute Halloween fabric purchased at Joann Fabrics, which is naturally on super sale right now.... too bad for me, LOL.  (Note on the Doodles knit fabrics at Joann Fabrics...they shrink a TON.  I had been warned, so, I took care to wash and dry mine three times.  For example, I purchased 3.5 yards and it shrank to 2.75 yards, no joke.)  Camden's dresses are both made in Birch Fabrics, which I purchased at Modern Domestic, but which are no longer available there or on the Birch site, but I do see an Etsy listing for the unicorns and a listing for the birds.  I LOVE this fabric so much.  It is so wonderful to work with and looks so nice on.  I had forever wanted to sew with Birch knits, and I'm glad I was finally able to.

Go get this pattern if you haven't already!!!  I mean....four pattern pieces and easy to put together???  Camden was so excited to have this dress, and her friend loves it, too!!

And some days in the life of.... too much has been going on!

She drew a picture for an Ask magazine contest!  Wish her luck!

We have been to the fort so many times recently, it's almost like we live there!
Dad has a Friday off, so, we can go on a wee hike!

Working on Camden's longhouse project
Wearing Georgia and Lulu for photos!

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