Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Covered in Cats! Oliver and S After School Outfit

Finally, a pair of pants!  Camden has informed me that she pretty much won't wear pants, but I have informed HER that is just silly, as I have a few pairs I need to make her, and I'm sure she'll quickly change her mind as the weather keeps cooling down. 

I last made her this same outfit in October of 2017, it appears, but I guess I never blogged about it, though I have two photos below.  Here is my LAST blog post about the After School Outfit by Oliver and S

It is a fun outfit, relatively simple to sew.  The ONLY trick is in remembering which side is the front, LOL.  Labeling during sewing is fine, but I never use labels, and with this particular yoke, it is SO close, the similarity between the front and the back.  I have a secret on this version, though:  my button holes are accidentally a hair too close on the front side, so, it'll be easy for Camden to remember ;)

Other than that, I did lengthen the pants and top, as usual.  I can't recall if I always lengthen the actual pants, but it IS important to remember to lengthen ALL four pants pieces.  I don't know if I failed to lengthen the top side panel, but I had to do some trimming as I was putting the sections together.  Ah, well.  They are a nice length right now - perfect for a bit of growing room without being too long.

I did use a gorgeous fabric from Cotton and Steel, and I knew that would be the trick into convincing Camden to sometimes wear pants - use a cat fabric!

I do feel like I'm oldy moldy - often sticking to old school paper patterns by Modkid or Oliver and S, but y'all, they really are my favorites, and I still wish more people would keep designing in paper.  I am trying to catch up with the times, as you saw in yesterday's post, but it's a work in progress.  Sitting on the floor and taping things together breaks me, LOL.

Here is what we have been up to!

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  1. i love this outfit - and the details of the little add on of cats to the bottom of the pants is adorable!

    1. thanks! and i know this outfit tends toward little kid, so, i know the days are limited, as it isn't camden's fave outfit!