Monday, September 10, 2018

Seashore Sundress....Sewn Up for the First Time in Forever

I love this pattern and have no idea why I haven't made one in so long!

The Seashore Sundress by Oliver and S is super simple to make and has a nice fit!  You can add piping to mix things up - or color block, if you're into putting effort into things.  The effort I put into this dress was in adding flat piping on the front, so, I clearly went the extra mile here, folks.  And it looks like I have done that before, aha.

I did sew a size 8 and wish I had lengthened it, but as with the last dress, I was being lazy.  I just want it to last that much longer.  As it is, I feel I could have placed the buttonholes a tad lower, as the dress rides up high on the chest.

It is super cute - and strangely, I have never made one in such a dark color, so, I am glad I went with this gorgeous fabric.  And other than adding flat piping, I changed nothing about the pattern, so, this is a simple post, aha.

And... we have made use of Camden's prairie dress already!  She wore it to the Fort Vancouver Reenactment night, and actors were trying to rope her into the game, but she didn't know to play along, LOL - asking her if she came in on the wagon train, etc.  She was pretty fancy while we were there, and photo credit for the first two photos below goes to my friend, Elissa, and her fancier phone ;)


  1. I just adore that dark fabric and the purple flat piping!!! You are making me want to buy the pattern!!