Saturday, September 1, 2018

Flax Light, AKA the Sweater She Will Wear for Years

I feel like this is the first thing I've finished knitting in FOUR HUNDRED YEARS.

Which.... isn't true, but you know.  Finishing a sweater always feels awesome.  I have knit a pair of socks, but who knows where those are.... definitely weren't worn in the the heat of the summer.  We'll worry about those later.

Back to the sweater:  I was so excited to finally whip up a new pull-over for Camden, in order for her to wear right away for the school year, but sadly, that won't be the case.  It's lovely, and it fits around her well, but length-wise, it's insane.  I knit the size 8/10 in the Flax Light pattern by Tin Can Knits, and it is definitely more of a 10 in length.  With superwash growth, it is probably a good 2 inches longer than it should be.  I knit to the pattern specs, maybe a smidge over.  Not a huge deal, but is definitely too long for her. 

I have knit the Flax pattern before, as evidenced at the bottom of THIS post, but this was my first time knitting Flax Light.  The pattern is lovely and easy to follow, of course, but I do wish they'd include short row shaping at the neck.  For some reason, whenever I try to add short row shaping to a pattern, I can't figure out if I'm doing it correctly, even after watching YouTube videos and checking web-sites, LOL.  I struggle.  It looks fine, though, I think.  Other than that, my gauge was a tad loose, which was annoying, as I swore I should have been fine knitting with a size 3 needle.  The sweater is done, though, which is what matters the most, probably.

I think the yarn is so gorgeous, too!  I had Amanda over at the Knit Cute Podcast and Lamby Toes Yarn custom dye this yarn for me, and she did a great job.  I ordered three skeins and have a ton left over, after having alternated between two skeins and using the last skein for the sleeves.  This is another reason I wish I had knit at a slightly denser gauge; I feel I didn't do the yarn enough justice, aha!  It's still super pretty, though, and I can only hope the head hole and chest fit Camden super well two years from now, when the length fits better.

Showing length here....but her face, LOL
As for what we have been up to - it's been a summer of loveliness!  We flew to Michigan for a quick family visit; it was Tiberius's first time flying, which was super exciting, though the kids may have been more impressed by the shuttle bus at the airport, aha.  We also went camping a couple times, Camden has had a couple of sleepovers, and then the Michigan cousins came to visit US - yay!!!  Camden starts school next week, if the district strike is over, and I have sewn up a fancy dress for the first day, so, I can't wait to show that off after I have photos!  Also, a ton of house work has been sprinkled in.  I can't wait to show off my sewing room when it's a bit more "done," so to speak.  Matt has been working hard at his regular job, and he works on the house whenever he can.  This weekend, he was working on the kitchen tile.  We moved in about June 25, so, getting the tile done now is exciting!!!  I hope it can be all grouted tomorrow - and that he can add the window trim soon!
Fell asleep before take-off, almost missed the landing

A little pillow shopping


Hanging with LoveSockWool, Adelaide Cottage and Vegan Jilly!

Writing up song lyrics, old-timey-style

Camden's first big jump!!

Meeting author Bob Shea at Green Bean Books!!
Hitting up some lava tubes!

Visiting her classes!!


  1. I absolutely loooove long sweaters!! it looks fab!! and looks like you've had a fantastic summer !

    1. we had such a fun summer!!! i wish we had been able to camp once more, but it was good overall, and we were almost too busy, aha! and thanks!!