Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Sleepover Pajamas Do NOT Make Children Sleepier

Another been there, done that before pattern!  This was my third and fourth time sewing the Sleepover Pajamas by Oliver and S, and they turned out just as cute as always!

The pattern is easy, and there aren't too many pattern pieces, which is nice.  Often, when sewing, I like to complete the shirts first, always finding pants to be more work.  Clearly, in THIS case, it's the opposite, so, I whipped up the bottoms before attacking the tops, which again, are NOT a big deal.

I will say, though, that I remembered too late that I always think there is something wrong with the pattern - that the buttonband piece isn't long enough - but that is because you hem the shirt BEFORE attaching it....someone please remind me next time...whew.  I cut out extra pieces and everything ;)  Thankfully, I sewed Tiberius's pajamas first, so, I didn't mess up the second time around.

As for Tiberius's pair, I totally forgot to lengthen the top, and I don't recall if i lengthened the legs.  I wish I had done all this, as they totally outgrow the length before the width.  I sewed him a straight size 3, I think (why not a 4?!), and I sewed Camden a size 7, with a size 8 length, so, they're out of control long, but I don't care.  Other than that, nothing riveting to say.  I happily had the right buttons in my stash, which rarely happens - yay!!!

We have already had a few days where the children haven't changed out of their pajamas at all, so, they MUST be cozy!

Here ae a few PRE-Christmas happenings....
Cast on the Little Honey for the #tokyghoneykal in the This Old Knit and Yarngasm ravelry groups
First time ice skating!  And showing off her Cabernet hat!


I never give them water
Wrapping Christmas presents!
A little time at the farm


  1. Love these jammies! I might have to make a some for my girls!

    1. thanks, lady! such a good, cozy pattern!!! you need to make them!

  2. OMG, they are adorable. I'm making pajama bottoms for the grandson and matching ones for my 26 yr old son. We are expecting another grandson in March and I think this will ease the blow of staying with us overnight. I love using craft paper and decorating the gifts. If I ever run out of gift wrap, I'm going to do that, but I overbought about 5 years ago and am still trying to use it up.

    1. thanks!!! awww, another baby in the family! i am expecting a niece in april, so, i've knit up one baby sweater so far and am working on a second. soooo tiny! and we have always done that with wrapping gifts! it's fun to try to think of silly things to write or draw on the the gifts. and lol....i get trying to use up stuff you bought long ago - that's what i'm trying to do with yarn!

  3. Awww YAY I love these!!! Haven't seen that purple fox fabric in the wild much so that is awesome to see! :)