Thursday, January 26, 2017

Ballet and Hula Hoop - They DO Go Together!

Another one of those better late than never sort of posts!

I only finished this Momoka sweater in September of 2016 an' all.  I honestly have no clue what took me so long to get photos and blog about it.  I have knit another of Sarah Ronchetti's patterns once before - the lovely Basketweave Rib Socks.  Her pattern writing is clear and delightful, and honestly, I probably could have finished it it MUCH sooner, but the move and summer time fun happened, so, I didn't move quickly, especially as I was trying to finish that crazy Doodler shawl.

I can't recall if Sarah's pattern includes the actual straight elbow-length option that I knit, but there you have it.  I figured that was much more practical for a ballet sweater.  Other than that, I believe I totally stuck to the pattern.  I knit the size 6, and it fits Camden quite well (my project page).  Next time, though, I want to try and aim to do a totally pink sweater, as that would feel even more legit ballet, aha!

She always loves this pose for pictures, though I know it comes across as awkward, aha!
I used the glorious Colour Adventures for the pattern (shop on Etsy).  The color is Seashells on the Sweet Merino DK base.  The sweater pictured on Elena's blog is also quite lovely, as a side note!  I have to say that many of the ballet parents have commented on it, so, it's been quite a hit, aha!  (Well...mostly a hit...except when Camden chucks her sweater at me partway through her class, because she's too hot, LOL.)

Camden is also sporting a Hula Hoop skirt, designed by Oliver and S!  No surprises there, as you must know I love that pattern. It is SUCH an easy pattern to whip up as a gift for friends or cousins!  I also swear I photographed more versions of that pattern, but I can't seem to find the photos in my blog posts.  Super cool mom that I am, I used stash fabric...well, because I basically have to, and believe me, for all the fabric I have, I don't often have what I need, because of yardage, etc.  Camden originally had the cutest coat made in the same fabric, and the green dots are from Superbuzzy.
She was SO TINY!
And....some days in the life of.....
Angry child/Gollum didn't want to give his sister back some of her bunnies 

Will this snow EVER go away???
Tiny Titans are MUCH adored by Camden!

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