Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Personal Favorite - The Book Report Dress!

***Below, I'm astonished I'd never published this post...and here it is, October 2016, and it is STILL not published!  What is going on???  Here we go again!
**Oh, wow!!!!  How had I NEVER published this post from last year?????  It's like a bonus 2016 post, aha!  Originally written in May ;)

One of my favorite patterns - the Book Report Dress by Oliver and S!  I think I love this pattern because there it's fun to find a great combination for the top and bottom pieces.  It's one of those patterns I look forward to re-sewing, though I've been so busy with the baby life, etc, that the last one I made Camden was September of 2013, I think....and the one before that, so long ago!

A month or so after we moved to Bend - September 2013!
The pattern itself is obviously great.  There are maybe eight pattern pieces, but gosh, SUCH an easy construction with SUCH fun results!  It's also a time to showcase any cute buttons you might have, depending on the yoke fabric you use.  I did use a printed yoke fabric this time, so, I ended up going super simple (the last two used balloon buttons), button-wise.  The pattern has pockets, also, which I know some children love, but strangely, Camden has actually never employed the use of.

I was awesome, once again, and stash-dove for some hippo fabric and polka dots.  The polka dots may be a bit overkill, but I was all "whatevs" and used it, anyway.

SOMEHOW (WAY LATE EDIT/November 16, 2017), I never really took photos of this dress and didn't notice!  Below is ONE awful photo, LOL!

That's it, folks!  This pattern is so great - for anything, really, but it's also a lovely first days of school outfit, and I vote y'all should take a crack at it, if you haven't.

And of course....random shots from this weekend!!


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