Saturday, January 9, 2016

Something Flowered and Something Blue - Figgy's and Zonen Combo

I am THIS PLEASED with this outfit!!!

These pants fit Camden so well, and it's one of my best zipper-fly installations (like, the whole shebang, fly-guard, zipper, waistband/button and all!), which really gives it major points.

Also awesome???  Brianne of Ali Cat and Co. sent me this lovely fabric - a blue corduroy and a vintage-looking flowered (super light-weight) fabric.  I knew I wanted to use them together when she sent it to me months ago, and I had the pants cut out a few months ago and only got around to sewing it all up right before Christmas.  So glad it's all done!

I wasn't sure at first which pattern to use for the shirt, and though I know a different pattern would have worked overall better for the fabric and style of the outfit, I chose laziness because I needed it DONE and wanted to use a pattern I already had (always gotta save those duckets, yo).  I will say I am glad I didn't choose something that needed buttonholes, as my machine may have totally eaten the fabric :O  Whew.

The pants and top went together quickly...especially as I had the pants cut out so long ago.  The sewing was nice and easy, and as with the last time, I cut out a pocket facing for the front pockets...wishing I knew a way to do that for the back side.  I'd have to sew up/prep the outer pocket piece and then make a pocket lining after.  I don't like having that raw edge that the directions give you (unless I missed something, aha!) on the inside.  I REALLY want these pants to work for Tiberius in the future, as that was part of the pattern decision-making process for this fabric.  I love the style of the Jacob pants by Zonen, and the directions are great!    As for the fly installation business...????
Clearly not a crazy-detailed picture, but you get the idea!  I hope :O
I kept the Ayashe blouse by Figgy's simple and only used elastic in the sleeves.  The mandarin collar sewing process was about the same as usual.  I always struggle with perfection on getting the corners to sew up nicely.  It will be a great blouse, too, for when the weather returns to normal around here (meaning, HELLO, could we have warmer temperatures any day now???)

Bottom-line, y'all???  A quick sew, and I adore the style - especially with her mittens, aha - and dotted Vans.  Our pairings always crack me up.

Some early January happenings....
Same day as above pictures...Community Day, Monday, January 4, 2016
Practicing from THIS book!
Cats and mice!

Helping dad make fry bread

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