Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sunki Dress, Take Three

I don't know why I haven't made more of these dresses, as I love the pattern!  This is another one I cut a million months ago, then I finally got around to sewing it in December, I think - yikes!

The Sunki dress by Figgy's is super fun, though it seems to run a bit smaller than other Figgy's patterns, somehow.  I should have lengthened this one by a good inch and a half, but I'll have to just love it while it fits Camden.  I used stash fabric (Kaffe Fassett???) I'd purchased at Cool Cottons specifically FOR this dress....You can see the first version I ever made is basically the same fabric, LOL.  Please note, though, that I sewed it on the cross-grain, as I wanted vertical striping.

Rather rotten picture - but mostly to show how sad it is that the zipper is a smidgen off
The pattern is totally easy, and I think there is a pocket-sewing tutorial on Shelly's blog, but I don't find it necessary.  The dress goes together simply, as long as you take care with the pocket-finishing, in order to make it come out as nicely as possible.

It's a dress that is great with leggings, and I didn't have time or the right fabric to make a pair to match this version, which is a bummer, but I made them once before and loved them (until Camden's dad let her slide about on the SIDEWALK and put a hole in the LOVELY merino wool :O).

One of the old versions:
Awww, June 2012
I made this version for our mom/dad/Camden date to see Shrek, The Musical - which Camden LOVED, by the way!  She totally teared up when things were rough between Shrek and Fiona!  Super cute, LOL.

Matt is not a giant and is somehow dwarfing Camden, aha!

I always recommend this pattern!!!  It has a cool, hip vibe that is great for older kids...especially when you're feeling over the cutesy stuff that isn't quite meant for older children.

And....a few weeks in the life of....
Yard picnic in February!

A nice day for a walk! 

Dad's scrap wood haul 

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