Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Figgy's...Once Again! (But Kicking it Old School)

So, gosh....these are my baby girl's (I know, I know...a BIG GIRL!) third and fourth Jane dresses (though one is clearly a Jane top).  This pattern is from back in the ye olde days from Figgy's Patterns.  So, I hate to say it, but it's no longer available, unless you can find that crazy, sneaky copy still left in your local fabric store - not sure if Bolt in Portland would have it, but it's always worth checking!

I had done the size 2/3 many moons ago, when Camden was just over 1, and you can see how big it was on her then - and she can STILL squeeze into it!  Silly me, though:  Last year (maybe summer 2012), I decided that since the other one WAS getting a big shorter, I'd upsize...to the 4/5, and it didn't fit THEN and doesn't fit NOW.  It is so excessively long, though I can't wait for her to wear it, because I did the cutest machine embroidery on it, LOL.  My computer ate the pictures of the green dress, but here is a progression of her getting older in the linen one with Liberty contrast:

This time around, I decided to do the size 2/3 and lengthen the dress - and naturally, I thought I'd lengthen the shirt, though I wonder if next time, I would only lengthen half the amount between a 2/3 and a 4/5...and also shorten the waistband, as I find it a bit long on the vertical (and while we're at it, I should have lengthened the sleeves, but ah, well...)  I still love it!  I'd been holding onto this fabric for a year or so, and it was perfect for this blouse!  You will find in the pictures that I used shot cotton for the green dress version - and for the waistband, etc. on the blouse, which is one of my FAVORITE lining fabrics for children's wear.   The color has a nice depth, and the fabric is pretty lightweight (definitely pull out the size 70 needle for this stuff - and be ready to use your straight stitch plate, if your machine has one, as my wide stitch plate loves to suck this stuff down into its gullet).  It does clearly wrinkle a bit, but no mind!  I can handle that.

What is going on here???

Reading 100 Angelina Ballerina books, LOL
Anywho - the blouse is constructed with French seams, which are so super easy.  I'm a bit nutty about making them look good, so, after I do my first 1/4 inch stitching of wrong sides together, I press the seams open THEN together.  I then trim that seam allowance down and flip the fabric out so it's right sides together, and I press it again before doing the next 1/4 inch stitching.  For French seams, it's usually best to have a lighter weight fabric, as it can get HIGHLY annoying to stitch them if the fabric is heavier.  The directions for this pattern are great (again, I apologize that I'm doing an old pattern, but it's worth it if you can find it!) - and the dress is a quick sew, which is nice!  Also, the dress has pockets, which Camden always finds fun!

Clearly, these are octopus hats!
You'll also note in the photo above that she's been getting some wear out of those leg warmers, aha!

Lastly, a couple randoms - at the park on Sunday afternoon....it was such a NICENICE day!  She is wearing a mish-mash of things, LOL.  Her Celestial top by Figgy's, her Color Me Pretty sweater by Elena Nodel and her Nozky leg warmers.  The second picture is from today - we like to LAYER whenever we head out on the bike now, so, her Pepper sweater is peaking out from under her Molly jacket, along with a random scarf - my second I ever knit.


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    1. gracias - same here, aha! also, i clearly failed to mention how i did a one-on-one class with you for that first red version! besides this green one, too, i've made a couple other dress versions.

  2. Hi Laurel, as you seem to be a devotee of Figgy's patterns, I wonder if you can help me with Ofelia dress. I followed the pattern carefully but in both two different size dresses, the little ones really struggled (and started to whinge) to get their arms through the armholes. It seems like they are too shallow for a design with a narrow chest. Have you made the frock. I posted my first Jane dress (which i really enjoyed sewing), and a size 3 Ofelia in Figgy's. Needlewoman2. (aka Fiona)

  3. aha! you caught me in a season when i happened to whip out several figgy's items! the ayashe is always a good one, as it doesn't require a ton of fabric, and i like the jane and ofelia dresses, as they are super easy, as you noticed!

    i DO see what you might say about the slimness of trying to get into the arm holes on both of those dresses. my daughter DOES, even though she is only 38.25 inches at age just over 3.5 years old (so, average/normal height) have a 22 inch chest and 23 inch belly, which means i always have to lengthen shirts, esp with figgy's and O and S. - unless I've sized up a bit all-over. anyway, i would agree it's snugger to get on, but not super snug, and both of those dresses fit nicely around, once they're on. she has an ofelia i don't have pictured in the one post i did. i actually just made three ofelia's for my nieces. one thing you could do is, instead of doing french seams, just do a regular 3/8 inch seam, saving you that 1/8 of an inch, which isn't much, but it might help, as it adds up to 1/4 all around.

    i will be doing - hopefully this week - the old figgy's pattern, the fiona, which i'm excited about! and then some O and S stuff!

    if that didn't help, let me know if you have other Qs!