Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Wee Post: Nozky Leg Warmers for the Chilly Air!

Lemme just say - it's effing freeeeeeezing, Mr. Bigglesworth!  Well, cold enough that a bike ride in the 32 degree (into the wind, I might add!) isn't exactly the coziest 25 minutes of my life - times two.

Anywho....cold is the word!  So, in these tough times, LOL, what does a 3.5 year old need?  Too right!  Leg warmers!  Luckily, this is one of those times when I did something as exciting as a free pattern - the Nozky by Monika Sirna.  They're cute and simple, and the directions are well-written.  Also, Monika was super fast to answer a question the other day in her Ravelry group, which I appreciated!  They're a quick knit....unless you're, as usual, like me, and do silly things (with this pattern, on the green pair, I thought I'd try to knit the same leg warmer twice, for some reason, so, there was some ripping out.).

I finished the orange pair first (Tomato on Madelinetosh DK), then I did the Jade pair.  I should have done the orange pair on size 5 needles, but I did not.  Ah, well - still cozy and warm, even if a bit loose.  I will say I also did NOT do the knitting with elastic in the top ribbing, as I'm lazy and figured they'd work fine enough.  Definitely not fine enough for gymnastics, but for the love of fashion and warmth, they'll do ;)

As I have a bajillion other knitting projects to do, these might be Camden's only two pairs of leg warmers this winter (Yikes!  I still want to do SOCKS!!  When will this allllll ever happen?!), so, I hope she enjoys.

I haven't yet blocked them, so, here they are in all their glory - unexciting photos notwithstanding.

And here she is because it's her REAL smile, and there is more knit-wear featured...LOL (though she is presently playing a RECORDER in her bedroom - NOT laughing about that!):

A test hat pattern that I'm totally blanking on - and her Magical sweater

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