Saturday, November 16, 2013

Cowl Neck Loveliness from Figgy's - A Pattern Test!

Let's just be honest:  How is this not the COOLEST cowl-neck top on the planet???  I'm so glad I was able to test the Celestial Pull-over for Figgy's Patterns.  It is a pattern that I can easily go to again and again.  I truly do think it's funny when people say that, but with a simple knit such as this, it's quite possible to WANT to sew it up time and again.

The pattern came to me already written up in an easy-to-understand way, so, it's perfect for a beginner.  The shaping is great, and it is the right length for my 3.5 year old.  I did the size 4/5, and while she's not tall at all, she has that wee belly, which means tops always come off a bit shorter on her.  I can tell I'd want to lengthen this some months from now - but keep the chest size the same.

I'm quite a fan of tops/styles that are a bit hip but still meant for little kids.  I'm always wishing to see more of that in the sewing pattern world, and Figgy's Patterns is right in tune with my needs when it comes to that, as evidenced by patterns such as the Ayashe set, the Banyan set and the Sunki dress.




Camden loved it and loves the second one even more so, which is funny, as it's the knit that doesn't work as well for this pattern.  I have to say that people definitely need to be particular when choosing knits, as super light-weight knit blends don't work.  A knit with a bit of structure works great, and there are tons of offerings at Girl Charlee; just be sure to always check the content of the the knit and how much stretch it has.  Never JUST choose something for the cute factor.  And when in doubt, get a feel in person for the type of knits you are looking for, then feel free to order on-line.  A thinner knit sort of sits all loosey-goosey.  I can't wait to find some more great knits, though, to turn into a Celestial Pull-over!!

Here, you can see how the knit is way too loose, so, it's important to choose the right knit for the project
Go grab the pattern now while it's on sale, peeps!

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