Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Book Report Dress: The Perfect School Dress

Let's be honest, folks:  I could have written this post MONTHS ago, when I sewed the Book Report dress, but it sat in my sewing room alllll through the summer, as it was originally a bit big-looking on Camden.  I don't know if growing a whole inch helps, but it totally fits her great now, and she wore it to her one-day-a-week charter school a few weeks ago.  I will always love this pattern so much!  (On a side note, same with the Apple Picking Dress and Jump Rope Dress and Seashore Sundress....well, and the Class Picnic Set, aha!)

This is a pretty straight-forward sew, designed by Oliver and S.  The pockets are crazy easy to do, and it goes together relatively fast.  I think I lengthened the skirt portion - not sure if I did the same with the top or the sleeves, though one would THINK this is something I did, LOL.  You can see my first three versions HERE (which, on another note, I notice I did NOT include photos of the polka dot version in the post, which is why I'd maybe never originally published it - see the note at the top of the post.  I am so wack, and it turns out I had no real photos of it....just one sad photo I just now uploaded).

Because the dress is super roomy, I feel it fits great for a while, as it can always be paired with leggings, and this particular fabric was something I'd been holding onto, NEVER sure which project was worthy of it, aha!  I guess this was it ;)  And I chose the perfect buttons from my stash, but I'm not sure if you can see them super well in the photo below:

That's all she wrote, folks....days in the life of below!

LOLOL at ME!!!!

Her Little Honey gets a LOT of wear!

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