Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Simple Project - Daphne Knickers

I don't know why I haven't completed more pairs of the Daphne Knickers by Violette Field Threads, as it really IS a great, simple pattern!  One can doll it up with the ruffles, but I kept things simple by leaving them out (read:  laaaaaaazy/ain't nobody got time).  The first pair, I made a MILLION years ago here.

Anyway, f'real, there are technically three pattern pieces, I think, so, they sew up insanely fast, if you leave out the ruffles.  The only thing that DOES slow a person down is the binding at the cuffs.  That can get a bit fiddle, as it's a small area, and I had to fix the first one after my first try.  I'm sure there was much cussing at the sewing machine (side note:  as a kid, I firstly NEVER cussed...and secondly, we didn't use that term in northern Michigan; we said "swearing"....anyone else??!).

I had originally purchased this fabric for an All Spice Dress by Paisley Roots, but I knew I NEEDED it for the capris when I was looking through my stash, so, I'll need something else for the All Spice (first time I made it here)!  I just love me some cute florals - also, this fabric is a RARE Joann Fabrics purchase.  :O  Speaking OF, I do plan to make a Paisley Roots Saffron soon, as that is, hands-down, one of Camden's favorite dresses EVER (also, I SWEAR I blogged the first version, but I can't find the post).

Anywho.....short enough post for a simple enough project!!!

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Photo time for this year's Mary Poppins
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