Thursday, June 29, 2017

It's That Time Again! Figgy's Banyan Shorts and Tees!

When she tells me it's hard to NOT stick her tongue between her teeth when she smiles
The Banyan Shorts and Shirt outfit by Figgy's is one of those simples pleasures sorts of deals!  The shorts are NOT a quick sew, if one were to put zipper/fly installations into the "not super fast" category, but I love them, and while I'm not always super pleased with the job I've done, I think they are cute from the OUTside, aha!

The shorts went together fairly well, and I made sure to work again from stash, as I basically had to!  I used the same corduroy I used here, and thanks again to Brianne of the Cookies 'n Bees blog for that gift!  I used a fun extra button I had lying around, courtesy of the time I made the Sunnyside sweater.  For the fly facing and waistband facing, I used a bit from the Daphne Knickers I just made, too!

When I make this outfit, I like to make two tees - killing the birds and stones and making it more versatile/colorful!  I actually used the brightly colored stripes another time I made this, too (pictured in this blog post), but I had enough, so, I gave it another go!  As always, I do not hem the shirt or sleeves.....keepin' it real, y'all.  As it was, the serger was making me insane.  It preferred sewing with the bright stripes, in general, but when I attached the neckband, it was hating life, and it then preferred the pink stripes, LOL.  Also, I don't know that I'll ever get a perfect neckband, but whatever.  I'll move on with my day ;)

This pattern is honestly pretty easy - the only thing I changed, I think, was to make the waistband longer on both sides, because I think there was an error on the length of one side, so, I just made both longer, aha!  I sewed up the size 8/9, and it fits pretty!!!  Camden is not that old!  :O  So crazy, aha!

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