Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Spun Sugar - The Green Kind

Such a cozy sweater!  You all know my love for Elena Nodel (FB page) - her patterns AND her yarn!  Though the yarn isn't hers this time around, the Spun Sugar cardigan design IS.

I had gauge with the size 5 needles I used...but partway through the raglan cabling, I started worrying it would NOT be big enough....always sad when one is doing cables.  It turned out, however, that I was fine.  True top-down knitting moment to zone in on:  getting through that sleeve separation to test the fit!

Poor girl and her uber-chapped lips
I do have a weird loose spot where the ribbing ends after the cables, but I'll see if I can ignore it for now.  Other than that, the cardigan turned out all crazy lovely, of course!  My only wish is that it was an inch and a half shorter.  Camden isn't a giant, and I DO tend to knit sweaters longer...but because this IS a long sweater, that wasn't necessary.  I didn't do so, if I remember right, but it still seems too long after blocking.  Such is life, but I hope she doesn't outgrow the width before too long.  Maybe Camden will shoot up a few inches before Christmas???  ;)
My sadness here:  The cable doesn't really come out far enough to be seen....

The pattern was written well, and I had no confusion at any point.  I did make a point to NOT be lazy and actually knit the pockets - I think, also, that I maybe knit one pocket on size 3 needles and one on size 5 :O  :O  We'll pretend that didn't happen!

Also, the yarn!  I was awesome and used deep stash - a yarn I hadn't originally intended for this pattern, but it worked out that I had enough!  I used Blissful Knits (FB page) on the Ambrosia MCN base in the Emerald colorway (link to my project page).  I feel the photos don't truly do the sweater justice, as it really is pretty, and she has had many compliments on it already :)

It is the only cardigan Camden has that isn't too small, so, we'll have to MAKE it work!  Next up is a ballet sweater...knit out of Colour Adventures yarn, aha!  I often can't seem to stay away from Elena's products for too long.

Life in central Oregon......
Smiles for Camden and Aunt Jeannette
Sneaking in car knitting that probably contributed to continued back pinching  
Seattle times 
Helping grandma! 
Intense gaming!
When I wanted him to pose with his sister.... 
The grand pose....
Awww!!!  So glad we saw good friends!

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