Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Cutest Dress Award Goes To....Modkid Gretchen!

Y'all don't even know - I'm so excited about this dress.  I'm not sure if it's the short sleeves (Camden's vote), the dotted sateen - or the overall springy feel to it.

But for REAL, folks.

I sewed the Modkid Gretchen a few years ago (why has it been so long???) in Heather Ross fabric....for our non-exciting courthouse wedding.  Look how small Camden was!!!  (Also note that I accidentally used fun oils in the tub that day for her - and totally washed her hair with that oily water...)

Anyway, nothing riveting to say about the pattern itself, other than it's lovely.  The instructions are great, it goes together quickly, etc.  I will say, however, that I LOVE to burn myself when making things like the ties on this dress.  I for real have a blister from that stinkin' iron, LOL.

Also, you can see in the pictures that I have a bit of a puckering issue in my center front and back panels, which is a bummer, but whatevs.  I'm happy to get the chance to bust out a project these days, so, I'll take it, LOL.

The main fabric is actually something Matt picked out when we were in Seattle a few years ago, too, and I grabbed the sateen again from Superbuzzy.

This pocket already stores a "key," which which she was "unlocking" doors today ;)
I love how simple this pattern is - yet how fun the effect is!  Camden way loves it, and shortly after these pictures were taken, she of course went to her friend's house and dirtied it up ;)  Her ballet teacher totally approved of the dress, dirt notwithstanding!

Lastly, this is life 'round these parts these days.....
Helping his mom!

Ferrying over to Bainbridge Island
Ohhhh, good.....
Those newborn sleep sacks fit well at age 5....

Fun meet-up!
Wee date night....he is SO cheery!

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