Sunday, May 31, 2015

Big Kids Need Bigger Art Smocks!

This project was lonnnnng overdue, but it's finally here - Camden's new Oliver and S Art Smock!  It's from the Little Things to Sew book, and I'd sewn it once before (and for the life of me, I can't find ONE quality photo):

It's clearly a simple project.  The smock is long-sleeved and buttons or snaps at the back.  I don't actually recall what attachment they ask for, but I wish I had snap pliers.  Ah, well - a button it was...on both versions I sewed up this weekend.
Fancy bun, as she had a ballet rehearsal

As you can see, Camden received the super scrappy version.  I was again trying to be smart and resourceful and use only fabrics I had.  The pattern pieces are LARGE, though, so, it was tricky to find fabric large pieces enough that I didn't mind using on an art smock, LOL.  I did manage to do it, though I am pretty sure one or two of the pieces are cut against the grain, but no biggie.  

The pattern does call for a couple pockets, but as with the first time around, I saw them more as a problem design element than as a useful feature, so, I didn't give Camden pockets.  On the other version, a birthday gift for a friend, I sewed on one pocket, just in case.  I picked up both fabrics at Joann Fabrics - each at 50% off, which was nice!  The pairing is super cute, and I wish we could keep it, aha!  (I cannot find the fabrics at their site, though - sorry!)  I hope the birthday girl loves it!!

Can I just say, though, how OLD she looks in these pictures???!!!  NUTS!

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