Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Birthday Party Dress....but NO Party Pictures???

This little girl was excited for her second-ever Birthday Party Dress by Oliver and S.

Ignore the need for pressing!

I made one for her second birthday but skipped her third, so, it seemed another was due.

Sooooo long ago!

I definitely prefer the fabric choice this time around.  I like the fabric I used on the first one, but I think the print itself was too dark for this pattern...who knows.  I am way happy I did the tab this time around, as it was a big mistake to use satin ribbon on her first version.  Rookie mistake, that.  I didn't realize satin was lame, LOL.

I think I made the size 4 this time around (not sure if I lengthened), and I mostly followed the pattern, though I did a different way of attaching the shoulders...which was silly, in hindsight.  Doing it the way I did it meant I needed to topstitch to keep the openings closed.  I wasn't thinking at the time - then was sad I had topstitched at the shoulders/armholes.  I personally think it'd look better without - so....my bad  :(

Other than that, it's a relatively fast sew, minus the pleating that slows a person down - and the hem is naturally hand-sewn. The first time I made this pattern, I used a blind hem foot, and that did NOT look great, aha!  I did secure the pleats a bit on this, but I think they should somehow be more secure...?  Either way, I have a lot of pressing ahead of me, LOL.

Getting the right angle on those pleats at the bottom kills me.  Impossible.
Camden has worn the dress a few times, and sadly, the FIRST time she wore it, we were at the High Desert Museum, where they are cool enough to have a CONCRETE slide of sorts - which means the bottom two buttons are destroyed....oops.

Wrinkle, wrinkle!  I DO impress myself with quality of photos since this little guy was born :O

My pictures were taken, though, just the other day, in the wind.  I did try to combat the wind this time by putting her hair up, but that didn't work so well, and she wasn't in the mood for pictures - double whammy, LOL.  Besides that, I just can't seem to get a good angle on this particular dress.

These two were maybe after her birthday party on April 6?

This last photo is a gratuitous baby shot!  He's getting big, as they often do!  
Permanent grumpy face ;)


  1. Beautiful dress! I plan to make the pattern this Spring/Summer. Last time I hand sewed a hem I thought I should try using my blind hem foot/stitch(which I should never done). Maybe I'll just skip it then? I'm totally amazed of your sewing with a newborn and a little girl.

    1. thanks!! that is definitely a project i finished before the baby was born...this weekend, i get to spend my first official few hours at the machines!! yay!! and for this dress, i'd maybe skip the blind hem foot. i just feel the hand sewn hem is so much cleaner/neater, lol