Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wool Socks....Score! Just in Time for Summer!!!

I am MORE excited than anyone can possibly know!  I'm done with my Basket Weave Rib Socks by Sarah Ronchetti of Sezza Knits.  Strangely, this felt like QUITE the undertaking.  I have done SEVERAL pairs of baby/toddler socks, but I've only ever completed ONE pair for myself.  I've been WANTING to knit socks for myself, but I always find more important things to work - namely clothing for Camden, aha!

Clearly NOT as excited as I am!

The pair I did for myself several years ago was the Knitting Pure and Simple Lightweight Sock Pattern, and it's lovely enough, though I know better now that I'm not into a gathered-close toe finish, so, if I did a vanilla (all stockinette) sock again in the future, I'd finish it with a kitchener or something else equally as awesome, LOL.  This first pair of socks I made myself were knitted out of Misty Alpaca fingering weight yarn, and they fit nicely, actually.

As for this new pair, I knit it out of Black Trillium (Ravelry group) 100% superwash merino (Pebble sock base) in the Cherry colorway, though this colorway is so NOT a real red to me, aha!  I bought it yearsssss ago, and there are SO MANY BT colorways I wish I could have - of course!
Good times taking pictures of socks on your OWN feet!

These are SOCKS, for the love of my grandmother, so, there aren't too many exciting things to report, BUT.  I did do the basic gusset decrease/heel flap, and I knit cuff-down on size 000 needles (YES, you read that right...TRIPLE ZERO.  EFF my loose gauge, people!).  I purchased Karbonz DPNs from HERE on Amazon.  It was my first time using them, and they definitely have a little more give than a steel needle (my Hiya Hiyas), but they worked pretty well - debating getting a second set each of 000 and 00.

I know there are tons of fancy ways to do heels these days, but I like the standard heel flap, LOL.  I'm not sure I'm an old dog, needing to learn new tricks right now.  I have huge calves, though, so, I did the leg at 5 inches, rather than 6, as I worried about the ribbing fitting if I knit them any longer.  I also did a 2 by 2 rib, rather than a 1 by 1, as I like how it looks better.

As for the toe finish, I decreased to 8 stitches per needle on one foot and 10 stitches per needle on the other (right) foot.  It was sort of an experiment, to see how it'd fit, but I guess my toe box isn't as pointed as I pretended it was, LOL.  So, I'll do 12 next time - and make sure to do the toe box longer.  Also, I DID add 4 stitches to the foot near my bunion (totally guesstimated the first food and waited too many rows, so, I remedied that for my second sock, which will forever be my right-foot sock) for a little more ease.  I am thinking I should make the foot a tad longer next time I do a pair of socks for myself.

Otherwise, the pattern is lovely and easy/straightforward.  There are three sizes, and it's a FREE pattern, so double bonus!!!  (Or triple, aha!)

.... Speaking of, I would LOVE to do a pair of socks this month, too, but I don't know if I should do a practice shawl in preparation for doing a shawl KAL in the MarigoldJen group in July.  If I do this, I will be using a Colinette Tao silk base for the Beithe shawl by Susanna IC.  Not sure my silk will do the pattern design justice, but we can always hope for the best!  LOL.

Some socks I'm NEEDING to do in the near future (and by that, I mean SOME DAY, aha!):
Think Spring


Walk Now

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