Monday, March 24, 2014

Owls and Sailboats....???? Fo' Sho'!

I'm hoping this blog post doesn't take 1,000 hours to write, spread out in chunks over 87 days ;)  The wee baby is napping for the nonce, and Camden and I just colored, so, I'll try to squeeze in a few minutes!  The person keeping me a bit too busy:

Our first doses of sunshine on a gorgeous Sunday!

In his Puerperium (Tessa Ann buttons) with his big sister!

There are two outfits after this one that I hope I get to blog about soon, but for now....presenting a Sailboat outfit, designed by Oliver and S!

This is not my first rodeo with this pattern, either.....

I love this version just as much as alllll the others ;)  One thing that is important to note about this top is that it's SLIM-fitting.  I did size up to a 4, even though, based on chest size, Camden could use a size 3.  ....but that is a bunch of silliness, as I WISH I'd made a size 5  :(  She will outgrow it soon, just based on getting her arms into it.  Also, I'd meant to cut to a size 5 length, so, be glad you were NOT in my humble abode when I realized I'd only cut ONE side of the shirt to a size 5 length.  Rough times, I tell you.  So, not only do I usually like to cut this shirt longer, but I didn't do that, and it's snug getting on to begin with.  Bah, humbug, LOL.  

Just your basic Joann Fabrics buttons!
The skirt is cut longer by a 1/2 inch or so, and I did at first think I'd effed that up, too, but I didn't - whew!  This is such easy construction, though in my frazzled state, I was confusing myself about how to do the waistband, LOL...though all worked out!
Ceramic buttons I love...but which will likely BREAK...believe me; I know  :/

Note the wrinkles!  That's what I get for waiting for days before photographing
Per usual, the pattern is written well, and I love that it looks cool without a lot of hassle; there aren't many pattern pieces, and you can get fancy - or NOT....I opted not to use a contrasting top stitching color on the shirt, as it seemed a bit silly and overpowering when I tried.  To me, though, top stitching colors and buttons can really make an outfit, so, I tried to be zesty ;)

Camden loves this outfit, and we'll make a big outing to the library tomorrow wearing it.  (I just hope el bebe loves story time, also, aha!)
How great is this owl fabric from my stash????


  1. Replies
    1. gracias!!! this outfit is one of my fave patterns!

  2. Aw it's so cute to see her wearing each outfit created at a different age. She's grown to be such a big girl and yet, this pattern still looks amazing. Great job, I hope she doesn't outgrow it TOO fast! It would be a shame with how cute it is. <3

    1. i know, right??? i like to see how she gets bigger/older! and thanks!!! it's definitely snug, but i guess i'll make another next year ;)

  3. Your fabrics are always amazing! Love that new little ball of cuteness! Her outfit is adorable too!

    1. muchas gracias!!! on all accounts! i love our sleepy little guy - well...sleepy during the day, LOL.

  4. Congratulations on your new little one! The outfit is adorable. I was recently organizing my patterns and saw that I own that one. I'll have to give it a try for spring.

    1. thanks, lady!!! and definitely make this one up - it's so fast! both pieces are, which is great!