Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Deva Sweaters and the Throes of Labor

So...I may or may NOT be in the throes of labor.  Just putting that out there - if this post sounds wack, you'll know why ;)  It's crazy to think that, after FOUR years, I am doing this again!!!  :O  (Meanwhile, the child NOT inside my body is shouting herself some Katy Perry to fall asleep....)

So you all know, I've prepped lasagna sauce, minus the meat (well, who knew this baby would start working its way out TODAY???....I hope it thaws rather quickly overnight!), and I've vacuumed and wiped down the fridge and counters and floors.  We should be good to go tomorrow if this baby pops!  And seeing as how this baby was so kind to hold out while I sewed up through the final buttons today, I should be kind enough to put away all sewing materials and get this house whipped into shape, right?!!

And here is the last thing I had the chance to knit el bebe.  Basic hat (which is likely too big for a newborn, of course) and a pair of longies on Mosaic Moon Woodland Friends.

Anyway, digressions aside.... I love Camden's Deva sweater by Elena Nodel!  Of course, right???  It IS tricky, I always find, to get good pictures of knits - especially a knit with lace work.  I wanted to sneak in pictures fast today - just in case a baby arrived this week...and good thing I did so!  (It's now a matter of somehow sneaking in pictures of two other outfits tomorrow, if I'm not writhing in pain, LOL!)  So, I'm not sure the pictures do it justice, but it's pretty cute - and super bright!

I used Colour Adventures Dia Merino DK (I think that's the base I used!) in Fresh Leaves.  I had a hard time meeting gauge, and I wanted to do a size 4.  I believe I cast on for a size 3 and still ended up knitting larger than a size 4...so, I did the length, I think, of a size 5.  You'll have to forgive my vagueness.  I was quite stressed about not meeting gauge, and that's what is happening with a Saffron I'm knitting right now, so, I will soon do an experiment to see if Karbonz needles help me knit at a tighter gauge.

It was actually warm enough - almost 60 degrees, aha! - to go without a coat for a short time today, mostly indoors, of course.  The only top I've found that I like underneath this sweater vest is a camisole.  We tried to find a long-sleeved white tee, but Old Navy has clearly moved onto summer gear.  Also, I love my little girl reading books at a wee table :)

And a couple more pictures, because you need them!
Staring the day out brrr chilly!

Ending the day with fun times, as it's a bit warmer

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  1. Yay! Good luck! I'm sure you will do great! Can't wait to see picks of the new little one! Thoughts and prayers are with you!