Monday, March 25, 2019

The Combination Meant to Be: Oliver and S 2 + 2 Skirt and Music Class Blouse

I realize I kick it WAY old school with Camden's outfit choices.... patterns that came out years ago that I sew up over and over.  But a cute, classy look???  I can't help myself!  I'd like to move Camden up into a classy, trendy look, but those patterns don't quite exist - at least, not the things I see in my head, LOL.

I sewed up the 2 + 2 Skirt and Blouse by Oliver and S twice before... six years ago :O  WHAT?!!  Why have I waited SO LONG??  Camden was clearly SO SMALL, LOL.  But I was somehow confused by the direction of the button loop and remember thinking I put it on wrong.  Also, looking back at the photos, I'm all, WHY did I contrasting thread on that skirt?!  And why did I use contrasting bias tape on that shirt???  The little things, LOL.  I was pleased with my wee bit of embroidery and hand-stitching, though - and still am.  

Overall, though, I don't like that blouse, so, when I made it this time, I knew I wanted to use the Music Class Blouse, which is my favorite blouse pattern!!  I feel it's a better fit for the skirt, too.

Both patterns sewed up easily, and I made sure all was well with the button loop, and I made sure to add two wee snaps in the placket.  This outfit was meant to be one of Camden's birthday outfits, and she wore it to school last week.  I also managed to grab the photos quickly before heading off to school that morning, aha!  It also happily looks super cute with her Mini Rock Rose sweater - yay!

I am pretty bummed I waited so long to sew this skirt up again.  I need to quickly whip out at least one more before she is really out of the size 8.  Before that, though, there are so many other things to sew!

Days in the life!!!
This and the one below are the rough draft for a paper she had to write about a challenge she faced

Birthday dinner night on March 20!

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