Saturday, March 24, 2018

Jump Roping Her Way to 8 Years Old!

Camden is 8!!!  And just like that, Tiberius is 4!  They are a couple of weirdos, and I'm glad they've made it this far!  The ONE time Camden will be twice Tiberius's age, and I'm sure it'll be over all too soon. 

Partly because Camden's birthday was coming up and partly because she will next week attend a Spring Break Sewing Camp at my FAVORITE sewing hot spot, Modern Domestic, I knew I had to hop on the ball and whip something up for her.

The problem????

My sewing room really needed to get broken down.  I say it in the past tense, because it HAS, in fact, been taken apart.  I finished THREE outfits (yes!) and two minutes after I cut the last thread, I was shutting down machines, turning off the iron and packing it all away, prepping for the move back up north.

Months ago, I had actually traced a size 6 for the Jump Rope Dress by Oliver and S.  Or maybe not.  I I had known for months now that I needed to make this dress, using this fabric, which I purchased two years ago, I believe, from Mill End.  Honestly, that seems like a lifetime ago!  Anyway, I traced a 6 based on the chest measurement, which does fit Camden nicely, but it IS a bit snug to actually pull on over her shoulders/arms.  I hope it fits through the fall, at least... especially since I also lengthened it.

The pattern went together beautifully, just as it did the first time, back in 2015 (I don't know why it took me so long to make another??!).  I love how this dress fits, and while the top may seem complicated to put together, placket-wise, it isn't.  The pockets are also a lovely detail and are pretty stinkin' cute!
When your nose itches during a photo shoot! many photos!!!

A birthday dinner out for Matt, and I invited friends, aha!

A quick story time at Green Bean Books - the best place!

Making a birthday poster for dad
Bit of a tire fire or something in Portland
Made a project bag for Melinda of Yarnder Woman to give away!

Baby cousin Helen!

She made this in art class!!

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