Saturday, February 24, 2018

Socks....and MORE Socks!!! And RIVETING Remodeling Work

This, my friends, is the sock post.  Only eighty pairs to discuss!

Well, maybe seven!

Since y'all don't need hundreds of deets on all the individual pairs, here are the basics:  I knit MY socks right now on size 00 needles, 60 stitches...unless a pattern calls for 64, specifically.  I can't recall if one of the pairs is still at 64 stitches, but it DOES feel loose.  I'm surprised 60 stitches is enough for me, but the Marijoldjen pair totally works!  I still knit a longer heel flap so I can get the socks up over my instep, and I like how they fit.  Part of the issue with the Good for Ewe Indy Step yarn is that 40% of the fiber is Camel, which means they are cozy, but they don't have the snug quality, like wool, so, they fit looser; they are more similar to Alpaca in that way, though that's not to say I don't love them, because I do and am wearing them now, LOL.  So!  The Good for Ewe socks are in the Thunder on the Dam colorway, and I actually received them in a giveaway from Devon of the Francofille Knits podcast (also of Francofille Knits Yarn), so, thanks, again, Devon!!!!  The Marigoldjen pair is on the BFL/nylon base in the Yesterday colorway.

As for the wee socks, I knit those on size 000 needles - though the Western Sky Knits Magnolia Luxe socks were knit in the Wise Owl colorway on 00 needles, as were the Baerenwolle pair.  I'm still not sure if I have the best sizing on socks, as Camden would need 64 stitches on 000 needles, as 60 was definitely too tight - hence the blue, mauve and light-colored pair going to Tiberius, rather than Camden.  Tiberius's 56-stitch socks, though, definitely fit him best.  The Baerenwolle, on the Baerfoot Base in the Pond colorway pair was knit on 00 needles, I'm sure, and you can seen they've been worn (!!Sorry!!  LOL!) a few times, and they fit well but don't have that snug fit I like in handknit socks.  Both the WSK and mauve/blue pairs are a bit big for him right now, which is great, and I won't feel TOO rushed to knit socks in the fall, aha...especially as he has a couple of Camden's old pairs to grow into - major plus!!  As for the two striped pairs, I purchased lovely mini skeins from Fancywork Yarn Shop in Bend, Oregon, and I honestly don't know all the colorways, aha.  The yarn, however is the Farmer's Daughter Fibers Squish Fingering weight base - except that the gray is Colour Adventures on the Dia Fingering weight in the Birch Tree colorway.

Lastly, Camden has one lonely pair of socks!  They are from deep-ish stash, though - on an old base that Kristin of Voolenvine Yarns (and of the Yarngasm podcast, which you should go watch NOW - she is working on two gorgeous sweaters!) no longer carries - Wythe Fingering.  They are in the Hibiscus colorway, and it may be the first yarn I ever purchased from Kristin's shop, back when she was on etsy.  Anyway, they, too, are on size 000 needles, though definitely snug.  She wore them in a bit over the last few days, so, maybe they are roomier now, aha.  But I do need to figure out a good solution for Camden's future socks.  Right now, I am trying 56 stitches on size 00 needles, and if those are too big/weird, I'll cast on 64 stitches with the 000 needles, as stated above.  She happily loves them, and I have cast on a pair of Maker's Haven socks for her (which I need to STOP with the sock-knitting, by the way!  It is distracting me from doing more interesting projects, LOL), so, we'll see how those go.

Week 22 at her charter school
And I know, I many socks photos can I take???  A LOT, apparently!

Also, we are in the midst of painting and remodeling at our new house - doesn't it feel like we JUST did this???  And wish us luck in selling this house.  I'm getting anxious and hope it's not on the market too long.  Camden gets her dream pink room, and we definitely have plans for it, including a four-poster bed!  Tiberius's is a lovely shade of green, and I have chosen an even lighter green for my sewing room, so, I hope that works out better than the lilac I have now.

The current plan is to tear apart some of the kitchen...then later, he will build the cabinets

Getting a good look at wood at Cross Cut

A little early birthday celebration with friends!
Loved that she made one for Tiberius!!

This is to turn into a closet AND two pull-out cupboards

Chimney Rock hike

I just have NO idea

Lovely Lamby Toes yarn, which will turn into a Flax Light

Roomy accommodations, aha
Finding past IDs....

Awww, pants made by a friend!
Linen closet torn out...and pocket door to be attached
Some late winter snow...I'm not too pleased


  1. Do y'all like rehabing houses? I think this is the second house you've been in since I've been following you, and that's been about 2 years. It takes a special eye to see what a house could be and how to get it there.

    Second, 00s? 000s? Wow, those are some TINY needles! Do they last longer when they are knit on tiny needles? So you on IG and Rav.

    1. aha! good question! i don't know that we love it, particularly, but it is something we need to do in order to love where we live. this house we are in is small, and my husband got a job change, which he is excited about - and which means we need to move, LOL. so, this new house is a late 60s house, with some updates - but not enough...and a definite mix of weird ceilings that need changing. the master bath is a postage stamp, so, that'll be a project, as i can't find a sink tiny enough that i actually like. and we like pocket doors on bathrooms, so, we're doing that on both. matt has grand ideas for things he wants to do. i'm just nervous and hope it all works out well, aha!

      as for needles...yep. for the longest time, i have knit my socks on both those sizes. and i do get a lovely fabric. i have a crazy gauge, as i'm a loose knitter, but my row gauge gets CRAZY tight when i move down needle sizes to accommodate for the stitch gauge.

      and i AM on ravelry, if that's what you were wondering. i'm cottington there and cottingtonautumn on IG!! thanks for your comments, lady!!!

    2. I shouldn't type when I'm tired. I meant I'll SEE you on Ravelry and IG. I am @deselem on IG and knitty78 on Ravelry. I know Nina because her mom and I are friends.

    3. aha! i know you ;) and i'm always, i get you there!

  2. I like Camden’s socks the most. The colorway is beautiful