Friday, September 1, 2017

New School Duds: Pairing Zonen Jacob with Figgy's Ayashe


I get TOO happy when I see this outfit on Camden!!  I don't know if you recall, but I made Camden a Figgy's Ayashe blouse back in December of last year, and I maybe mentioned that I'd also made two pair with Zonen Jacob pants (their FB page).

Well, yay - I finally did!  Better late than never???  All is well in the end, as this is the perfect back-to-school outfit.  You can see in the December post that the first blouse will also pair with these pants perfectly.  I was pretty intentional at the time - rare for me, I think.

I'm pretty excited - this pairing, to me, is great - simple and cozy!  I love Ayashe blouses on Camden, and shame on me for having not made Camden a pair of Jacob pants since this pair a year and a half ago.

The pants turned out delightfully, but I subconsciously chose laziness when sewing them.  I didn't include a fly, because, for some reason, I assumed I hadn't on the last pair, and it turns out I HAD.  Ah, well - saved me some time, aha!  I did use a cute contrasting fabric as a pocket liner on the front pockets, though the pattern does not call for a pocket liner on the front OR the back.  I didn't line the back pockets, but I did make sure to fold down the top edge twice, though the pattern doesn't call for that either; it just makes me feel better deep down inside.

I have nothing riveting to say about either pattern, as I've blogged about them both before, but LOOK how CUTE the outfit is - well, either, really!  The pink flowered blouse is a gauze, and the other is a super lightweight fabric - possibly a lawn, but I can't recall.
She needed me to photograph this map she drew from Calvin and Hobbes

I also made sure to sneak Camden's green socks into the photos, too!  And speaking of hand-knit socks, I have a pair on the needles for Camden - and a pair for myself.  I suppose I should search for a yarn to use for Tiberius, but in the meantime, I'm working on the re-knit of the Antler sweater for Tiberius...and a Christmas in July for Camden (first version blogged here).  (I'll soon blog about about a Tallulah I just finished for Camden, too!)  So, I have a lot of plans, but I'd also love to cast on a new shawl soon, and I'm thinking I'll have a hard time, as I'll want to choose yarn first - THEN shawl pattern, which can be tricky for me.

And...basically a DAY in the life - probably our last warm ocean visit for the year!
That face, aha!

And this doesn't do the regional air quality was BAD...and still isn't great


  1. looove the pants and the tops! very cute!!

    1. aww, thanks, lady! i love outfits like this for camden!

  2. It is a very cute outfit! And it is very nice to discover the Jacob pants on your blog!