Sunday, April 3, 2016

Disco Dancing on Easter??? Never! Maybe EGG Hunting, Though

Here it is, folks - a second Disco Dress by Ainslee Fox Boutique.

Remember when I sewed THIS version last year - ALSO for Easter??  Aha!  It might become this holiday's staple.  It's cute and easy, so, why NOT??

I searched through stash fabric, and I think I turned up with the last bit of fabric in a larger bit of yardage, which was great!  I needed a coordinating color, so, I picked something up at Modern Domestic a few weeks ago - something that worked for this dress and the next one I'm blogging about.  Yay on both accounts!  

The pattern worked up quickly and was easy to follow, same as last year.  I did remember the belt was a bit long, so, I cut that shorter, and again, I made Matt run to Home Depot to grab D-rings, but he failed me :O  He grabbed crazy D-rings, but my friend, Lisa, came through in the end!  I love the final result, though I swear the back placket came out funnier than last time.  I probably sewed something a bit off, I suppose, but the triangle area seems off somehow.

I was also super happy to find cute, matching buttons in my stash - totally vintage!  I purchased them whenever-ago/sometime last year at an antique store here in town.  They were originally 29 cents, though I was happy to sacrifice a couple bucks or however much.

All in all, a success, and it works out, too, that this year's Saltwater Sandals matched!  Just like last year!  Not sure I'll get lucky three years in a row, but I can't wait to tempt the fates about twelve months from now ;)  (On a related note, I wanted some Saltwaters for myself, but they don't seem to quite fit my feet, which makes me sad!)
Tiberius ran over in his grandma-made bat cape and wanted to be included ;)
He looks rough!  And that bruised-up kid just bathed :O
And a bit of a week in review!
Egg hunting at Elora's!
Someone peed through his first pair of pants that matched
Nighttime Easter family photo!
Lisa made a fun new outfit!

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