Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Be Envious! Cobblestone Socks!

This post is project picture-LIGHT.  I suppose that's okay, as these are SOCKS, after all.
Sexy legs....admit it!
I held onto this yarn for pert' near 5 years..The yarn and pattern were part of the Knit Purl sock club that I think is no longer in existence, though I could be wrong.  Funnily enough, I should NOT have participated in the club, as I like all the actual yarn, but I wasn't as into the patterns, sadly.  I've used two of the six skeins of yarn, I believe - one was gifted to a friend a couple years ago (knitted into a Cookie A. sock, rather than the pattern that matched the sock), and now I've finished this one.

I love both the yarn and pattern.  The Cobblestone sock pattern was designed by Nancy Bush, and I met her at the first-ever Sock Summit (no working link) so many years ago.  I also lost the pattern temporarily, and it's not available for purchase on Ravelry, but Nancy was awesome enough to send me a copy - then the pattern was located...and lost again, aha!

The yarn is a merino/nylon/cashmere blend - Casbah sock by Hand Maiden yarns.  The pattern is great, easy to memorize and creates a pretty effect.  I did knit on size 00 needles, which isn't the normal needle for me.  On socks with a gauge of 8 spi, I would normally use 000 and cast on 64 stitches, from what I can tell so far.  This pattern had me cast on fewer stitches, and the gauge was looser.  That's fine and great - I wore them today, and they're cozy....but at this gauge, I do think I need fewer stitches as the sock gets closer to my ankle.  Not a biggie at all.  I am dying for some more cashmere blend socks, aha!

Anyway, that's that for the socks - I'm soooo glad they're done, as I cast the first one on during our trip to Michigan...LOL.

As for our holidays, they were lovely, and Camden received some awesome puppet-making materials from her grandma, which is great!  She needs to practice her actual puppet-show skills a bit, though, aha!  Also, I have a new iron, a Rowenta that I already love :)
Why so serious???

Hungry kid!

And...Camden was able to meet up with her awesome Vancouver friends, Lizzie and Jack!  They had a lovely time at the library of an afternoon...running around and being crazy, as usual ;)
I need a new camera, as I couldn't capture their craziness without much blurring, etc....
Such a cutie!

A little lunch at Sugar and Salt!

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