Friday, October 10, 2014

So Fancy! The Bloomsbury Sweater

Say helllloooo to the Bloomsbury sweater by Svetlana Volkova!

Honestly, peeps!  What an PRETTY sweater for such an EASY pattern!  I vote y'all should go out and knit one up now ;)  I did, however, put my right hand through some rough times, as I was trying to rush finish this sweater, what with all the knitting I have on the docket.  I really should take another knitting break, but I want to finish my Whispering Pines...and then the Cabernet cowl and hat set I have planned for Camden...and an Anders for Tiberius.  The list, as usual, goes on.

I had purchased this blue yarn LAST year in order to match these pants.  (Don't ask me while I failed to get photos THIS time with those very same pants, aha!)  It is the insanely gorgeous Colour Adventures Dia Worsted in the Glacier colorway.  In the size 6, I used just BARELY over two skeins.  If I'd done short sleeves, I totally wouldn't have needed the third skein; as it is, I only cracked that sucker open when I was basically at the ribbing of the second sleeve, LOL.  And, as always, I likely lengthened the sweater.  I am in love with it.  If you can't tell, aha!  Naturally, also, I'm in love with Elena's colorways; Glacier is no exception.  I'd realized my yarn stash was lacking in blue, and I'm glad I went with this!

My ONE mistake is in NOT lengthening the shoulder/yoke/whatever it's I'd sized up because of the yarn I used and the gauge I was at - so, I should have lengthened the top, as it cuts pretty closely into Camden's poor armpit.  Ugh - another 4 rows would have been nice.

Well...and I lie.  I wish I'd used size 4 needles on the sleeve ribbing.  I did do that on the hem ribbing, for which I'm glad.  I had used size 6 needles for the main body and sleeves, and I always think it's a good idea to go down two sizes for ribbing.

Anyway, I have decent lighting in the pictures, even if there aren't great shots, and I tried to pair the sweater with three different bottoms - it is quite versatile, which is awesome!

Lastly, these are two recent pictures of the little guy!  
The little guy eats everything...
On a hike up at Todd Lake


  1. i also love little handsome man.

  2. Mr T is growing like a weed- well done all around! He is so blonde!! And such a happy smile - how old is he now?

    Miss C is looking v. well too. Word to wise. Clever Charlotte patterns are not Oliver + S, but the paper patterns are easy to work with. The Chickadee skirt is the easiest, and smartest skirt I've ever made (now many times). The blouse is a very tight head fit for the sizing. The one I made should go over a size 4/5 head but doesn't (grrrrr). Sorry to hear you had hassles with Lily Bird studio - one of their dresses has appealed to me for yonks. Shouldn't be doing this but happy to loan you the CC patterns I have so you can experiment before you buy (if you will buy me a new Vogue pattern for little girls that taking forever to arrive Down Under). Take care with your hands, silly moo. Not worth being crippled.