Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Four Score and Many Moons Ago, I Sewed a Modkid Sydney

Holy cats, did I sew this Modkid Sydney soooo long ago!  I can't recall - maybe it was late last fall, but definitely before February, LOL.  I honestly figured Camden wouldn't get to wear it until she was closer to five. My bad :O  She begged to wear it yesterday, and I was all, "That will be TOO BIG for you, but whatever."

I was wrong.  Oops.  As you can see, it's definitely a loose-fitting dress, and it's her third garment made from this pattern.  Though there is an option to do short sleeves or a shirt option - or a different hood, even - I always do the same style.  It's just fun...and my one chance, generally speaking, to enjoy mixing up fabrics.  I'm not super brave, clearly, and always choose coordinates from the same line, but a woman can feel like a risk-taker, right??

After a bit of sleuthing, I know now/remember which fabric line I used, and it was the Monsterz line, designed by Michele Brummer Everett, for Cloud9 Fabrics.  I originally bought the fabric from Hawthorne Threads, and they've always shipped quickly to me!

Also, great last-minute photography session, LOL....we were outside the library and having a spot of food before heading inside for story time.  I almost feel my phone did a better job taking pictures than my camera has lately...ah, well.

Weirdo face #1

Weirdo face #2
The pattern is insanely easy, so, it's something fun to whip up if you have enough yardage of several  fabrics that work nicely together.  My only secret dream is that the neck/hood seam wasn't exposed...which I guess I could make happen if I sewed a full bodice lining.  Otherwise, you can't ask for an easier pattern that has a neat look to it.

And that's that, folks....as you can see below, it's a favorite :)

Also....silly guy!  Somebody was causing trouble while we were taking pictures!  He seemed to think he eats bagels.  Too bad he has a mean mom, LOL.
Wearing his Sunnyside sweater and his sister's old Hudson Hat


  1. Autumn, I just adore you! I love the fabrics you chose and Tiberius is getting quite mischievous!

    1. lol - gracias!!!! i'm so excited to have a bunch of fun fabric with which to work. it makes me happy when i sew it....when i'm not snarling at picking seams, LOL.