Wednesday, October 15, 2014

It's a Sunshine Day....Everybody's Wearing a Sunnyside!

Let me count the ways, folks.....I LOVE this sweater!  It seems I love all the sweaters I'm knitting the kids!  And there ARE reasons, clearly....I mean, LOOK a the little guy!

(Pause for this brief PSA:  the wind was - I KID YOU NOT - 567 mph today, so, pardon my crazy pictures and excuse the shadows.  This is Tiberius's FIRST official blog post on his own, aha, and while he happily smiles, I am not a baby photographer.)

This is the Sunnyside (FREEFREEFREE pattern) by Tanis Lavalee of Tanis Fiber Arts.  I have some of her yarn for a future sweater for ME, but I have knit nothing else in her yarn, and I'm dying to.  This is my first pattern of hers to knit - and I'm beyond excited to one day knit the Lady Sunnyside that she recently published!
Stealing leaves
Enough about all that nonsense, though - check this thing out!  I knit it with marigoldjen (again, I can't say enough about Jenny's gorgeous colorways!!!  If you haven't checked her shop out yet, PLEASE do!  She is the nicest dyer ever, and she totally works with you if you have any questions/special requests...besides simply dying all that lovely yarn.)

The reason this sweater is great is that you can knit it with ONE skein of fingering least the two smallest sizes, LOL.  So, I ordered the colorway Anchors Aweigh on the BFL/nylon base - and here is my project page.

Tried in the shade, which was silly
Anyway, the pattern is LOVELY - and I like that it's free, but cute...with details!  You can girl or boy it up as you please - cables or a lace edging.  It is something likely best knit in a solid or semi-solid, as I did.  I had no issues, other than knitting TOO far before the sleeve split, LOL (because why NOT?), so, I had to rip out.  Make sure to use stitch markers as needed, in order to keep track of your cables, and you'll be fine.

Also, I HAD to use Tessa Ann buttons...naturally!!!  As always, Steve and Tessa worked with me, as it's so tricky to find just the right type of button for a wee sweater - and for boys!  They offer so many designs, but I wanted to keep it sort of simple, yet fun.  I love these tiny dinosaurs!
Capturing the colorway just inside the doorway

Those dinosaur buttons are HARD to photograph in any sort of light, aha!

Before I added buttons...a few weeks ago!

Not much else to say - I just love it!  And they are both wearing hats (I knit Tiberius's here) knit from the Baby's First Hat pattern by Blue Sky Alpaca (that I always modify into bigger sizes).  Camden also happens to be wearing her Figgy's Sunki dress (the first one I ever made...two years ago - wayyy too big then, LOL), though you can't see it well in today's pictures.  (And while I can find the second Sunki I made camden, I can find no original photos of the one she wore today.  So, I'll a photo for the fun of it!)
Forever ago - June 2012!
And the works will be an Anders sweater, though I need to figure out my gauge issue, as I don't want to go smaller than a size 3 needle, etc.  Also, in sewing news, I do have an Oliver and S Explorer vest to whip up as a gift for someone ;)


  1. Love that sweater!!! I sure wish I was a sweater knitter! :D

  2. You've just answered my question re your next project. I love the Sunki dress. I can't see any shadows in your photos - on the contrary, the sunshine has that wonderful autumn clarity that's so lifegiving and sparkly. I love the leaves going in the mouth!

    1. Well, Sunki is definitely in the line-up of future projects, though I have to REALLY find that green voile for a blouse for the Sunday Brunch outfit - and I have a couple of Oliver and S explorer vests to sew as gifts!

      and aha - the leaves in the mouth...that baby boy stuffs everything in his mouth ;)