Saturday, September 6, 2014

Now That Summer is Almost Over, Modkid Hannah, Step Right Up!

It is TRICKY to squeeze in sewing time.  I was thwarted by el bebe twice yesterday, and right after I try to put him down for a nap, I like to do something with Camden, though I've told her that if I don't actually SEW, she won't actually have ANY clothing.  So, there is that.

Anyway, I did 4 measley seams yesterday before dinner...and managed to finish the rest of the Modkid Hannah by 11 this morning.  This did involve staying up until 11 last night, naturally (and in case you're not aware, I'm off knitting for a week...also need to be off coloring, which Camden and I need to remember, to help my hands).

AND.  In order to write this blog post, I have a baby stomping away on the floor next to me, climbing rope in one hand, a jump rope in the other ;)

This was definitely a rushed project, as evidenced by the lousy photos and not-well-thought-out hand embroidery.  I wish I had consulted my Aneela Hoey book or something for inspiration (or simply as a reminder on different stitch types), but ah, well.  I guess Camden doesn't care.
I probably should have colored in the circles...

I've done this pattern once before - I call it the Disaster That Was Waiting to Happen (well, as of now, I do), as it was super cute, the capri version, hand embroidery an' all....then I WASHED it.  BAD IDEA.  the embroidery floss bled, and there was no fixing it.  And I'm sure the floss will bleed on her new version, but I don't like to learn my lesson, I guess, LOL.

The pattern goes together easily, and I made sure to just use fabric from my stash....I actually wanted to do this back in June, but time was not on my side before my Michigan trip, and I haven't sewn since, what with all the knitting, busy days and baby who hates naps over 20 minutes (how he pulled off a 2-hour nap today, I'll NEVER know!).  I lined the top with shot cotton, to sort of protect the embroidery, so, I made an effort THERE, but...when it came to the back pockets on the shorts, laziness won out.  I forgot to cut out four each of the pocket pieces, and I didn't feel like going back to do it, so, the pockets aren't nicely lined.  I feel I am lowering my standards, which is rough, but I wanted it done.

The only place I used contrast thread

And now...for some family photo fun!

Camden's REAL smile 
Aren't we fancy?? 
The wee chubbs!  And can you believe his dad FOUND his hat HERE....where I'd left it??

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