Saturday, May 10, 2014

Josephine and Whitney - So Classy!


You're all, "Wait, Autumn!  I've seen a Josephine somewhere else recently."

I'm all, "Toooo right!  You have - why just the other day, you saw not ONE, but TWO Josephine dresses."

Today's feature includes the blouse version and the Whitney pants, also designed by Violette Field Threads.  I have allllways loved this outfit, and this is only Camden's second version.  This was pictured in the last blog post, but for your loving eyes, here is another shot:

I talked up the Josephine pattern quite a bit in the previous blog post, but in summary, the button holes make me a bit crazy because of the thickness of the fabric in the button/ruffle band.  I believe I did manually sew the top button hole, rather than using my automatic button hole feature, as I sewed the blouse before the dresses.  Lesson was learned after this :)  This mama does NOT enjoy doing a manual button hole :O  

Your basic Joann Fabric buttons!

You can probably note in the pictures that this year's blouse was definitely sized up, so, it's a good inch too big in the chest, if not more.  I always find it funny how Camden needs to size UP in Modkid and Oliver and S - and others - yet these VFT blouses are quite roomy for it.  I think I did the size 4 this time, but again, I sewed this before Christmas, and finding the pattern sheets right now sounds like NO FUN.

For the Whitney pants, I cut them as follows (this I know, because HEYHEYHEY I GOT TO SEW TODAY!!!):  size 4 rise, size 5 width, size 4 plus 3/4 inch for length.  I also hemmed them at 3/4 inch and the next fold was at 2 inches, so, I could hypothetically let them out if she doesn't exceed the rise (my bad, though - I didn't think about his before hemming them with the machine, as I normally hand-sew the hem when I plan to let something out).  

Sewing these pants is so stinkin' easy, of course - four total box pleats and then a few other seams.  I DID sew the waistband differently than the pattern calls for, if I remember right:  I sew the pants together completely before sewing the waistband in a circle.  THEN I attach it, leaving an opening for the elastic in the back.  I sewed (well, normally, I sew it shut; I forgot this time, aha!)  the opening closed after I do this, and I serged the seam, though I know folding it under would be fancier.  Essence of time and all that nonsense.  VFT calls for the pant's side seams to be left un-sewn; you then sew the waistband on the front and on the back separately.  That sounds NOT pretty to me, LOL.

Also, my first official day back at sewing couldn't go without at least ONE problem:  I did manage to sew a right and wrong side today - AND serge it....nice, LOL.

I promise these were JUST pressed!!!
As for fabrics, I used Aneela Hoey once again - and the pants fabric is a remnant from some Colette Juniper trousers I made a couple years ago (I can't remember the fabric name AT ALL, but it was maybe a cotton/linen blend and is a BEEEYOTCH to cut; it does this weird warping, so, I had to be careful).
Had to show off the freshly painted nails :)

Allllll sadness and coldness

To elicit smiles in the following pictures, I had to ask Camden what kind of face she'd make if she saw certain friends....
This is if she saw Lizzie and Jack
This is if she saw Greta
This is if she gets to see Elora
Siblings, just chilling yesterday!

So.  Since I was able to sew today, that meant the wee boy was fed by his dad and his big sister - how cute!!!
His first bottle

Tired times after that bottle ;)