Friday, October 18, 2013

Up Today? Not ONE, but TWO Ayashe sets!!!

Few things please me more than having completed an outfit/project of some sort - and then it's awesomeness on toast with honey if I can complete TWO of the same thing!  Just that much more enjoyment for that many more months :)

I actually finished two of these tops and the green skirt a month and a half or so ago, but I finally got around to whipping up the other skirt just yesterday.  My poor child did a lot of self-entertaining, which made it so much easier.

And what did I complete, you ask?  Why, the Ayashe shirt and skirt by Figgy's.  This is my third go-round with this pattern (four total shirts, LOL), and I hate to admit I went the same route with the shirt each time, but take it or leave it.  I like the collar, like the long sleeves, like it all!  So long ago, this is what I made my little girl:

You can see in the above pictures that the top is a bit short on my little girl, so, this time, I made sure to super-size up ;)  Again, much of it is just her belly, as she isn't tall AT ALL.  Bonus - three of the shirts, total, that I made were using left-overs of fabric I had used for my own dresses!  (Consider that BRAGGING, as I normally suck at that sort of thing.)  Two of them were lawns, the red maybe was a lawn but probably a voile.  Sadly, the above items are too small for her now and are in hiding in a bag or box.

On to bigger and better things - literally....The new version is the size 4/5 skirt (I think!), lengthened a tiny bit, and the shirts are size 4/5, lengthened to 6/7, for extended wear, so, as you can see below, Camden rocks that size pretty well.  A bit big, yes, but not sloppy, per se.  If I hadn't done the elastic waist, the tops would look baggier.

You can see that this version is her Christmas edition Ayashe - because I'm uber-prepared!  One holiday outfit down, two more to go.

In the non-Christmas edition, I did one of my favorite things, which is obviously so simple (for realz - nobody can pin creativity and going-out-on-a-limb kind of stuff on me!), but which adds a nice touch.  I love using a fun ribbon for a hem facing - adds a little pop if her skirt is acting all crazy, etc.  One place for lovely ribbon, by the way, is The Ribbon Retreat.  They're always running sales, etc, so, get on their mailing list!

Naturally, as for the patterns themselves, I love them - Shelly is super great and helpful if you ever have any questions.  One major bonus is I love the pattern paper - not thin tissue!  The neat thing about the patterns is that #1 - They still come in PAPER, and #2 - I find, honestly, that the Figgy's designs are just a bit different from everything else I see out there.  I'm always anxious for the next release (and it has been a LONGLONG time, as the pattern designer was working on her other creative job, which is teaching children and adults to sew, which is super awesome!), which is just around the corner, I hope!  Pattern releases are like Christmas for me, so, I'm itching to see what's in store!


  1. LOOOOVE!~!!!!!! Patterns coming soon just a few weeks maybe less!

  2. this is great! i just saw the video and am pretty tickled pink!