Thursday, October 31, 2013

Oliver and S Cargo Pants and a Modkid Tee!

It seems that, especially of late, I have a project almost finished...and still need that ONE detail.  In this case, it was a lack of a lovely knit to make the top for these pants - which is a pretty big detail ;)

I was so glad to find it during my crazy fabric-shopping weekend in Portland - at Mill End.  This is usually a store for me to find linings (I'm a fan of cotton-silk blends, if you must know!), but I did luck out this time with a knit, a lining and a fabric for a future coat for Camden. (Happily, I had a great time at the Bolt sale, also - and was helped in that because I had a couple of lovely gift certificates.)

As for the patterns themselves, I used the Oliver and S Field Trip Cargo Pants and the Not-So-Plain Tee from the Modkid book, Sewing Modkid Style.  For the pants, I used a chambray in eggplant (from Modern Domestic), and I girlied them up by topstitching with a Mettler variegated silk thread, which I thought was just perfect!  I also opted to use the decorative finish of two rows of top-stitching for each piece, as seen here:

The pattern itself was clearly written, and I did the size 4, which of course meant doing the regular hem and then blind-hemming again another almost three inches, which I can let out as she gets taller.

For this ensemble, I did not want to go the super-sporty look of the raglan tee, so, I opted to do the Modkid tee, and while I did do the cuff bands, I left the bottom hem raw - keepin' it real, people.  (Why am I too lazy/nervous to the use the cover stitch function on my serger????)  This is also another easy pattern, though I do put it together differently in that I don't like exposed seams at the neck, so, I sew together both shoulders before applying the neck piece in a circle.  I just serge the short ends of the neck band, then I fold and press in half and stretch it to fit the circle left by the head hole.  I do wish it was a bit snugger, as I feel it's a bit gappy, but it'll work ;)

Her "ghost" face, she says

Overall, a fun look, and it meant me finishing another pair of pants for her - whew!  I honestly have big plans to get a couple pairs of pants (another Olive and S pair...then maybe a Figgy's Banyan pair...?) more done in a size 4 - something to last while I don't have much time to sew after el bebe comes along.

Blowing her nose....

In her too-small-now Elena Nodel Silversage sweater

Also, today was a fun day in general for this little girl - she spent time at the park with her friends and had a fun Halloween night - used the same costume I'd made last year (surely, I can get a THIRD year outta this sucker, eh???), and she was an animal, racing from house to house, getting excited about the ghosts she might see ;)


  1. looove those pants!!!! It is time for me to look for fancy thread!

  2. great pants, I love the fabric and I agree that variegated thread somehow makes topstitching more girly, don't know why...

    1. aha! it does. i wish someone sold the variegated stuff locally, as i'd grab some more. this was a "freebie" with my machine ;)

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