Friday, April 13, 2018

A Sewing Beast

Yes, you heard it here first!  Camden is a bit of a sewing beast!  With two handmade skirts under her belt - and an 8th birthday! - she was able to sign up for a spring break sewing camp at Modern Domestic, which you KNOW is one of my favorite places on earth!

She'd like to write this blog post herself, actually, but I would be pained in the brain to sit through that, so, I may see if she wants to add some at the end.

She did love her class, taken with Karin Dejan (her IG page).  The instructor prepped the pieces, in terms of cutting and pinning, but the students sewed and made the fabric choices.  Camden clearly has good taste, by the way ;)  Classes lasted three hours each day, Monday through Thursday.

After they finished their projects for the day, students were able to work on a separate project, and the first day, Camden actually made a wee gift for her teacher, as it was Karin's birthday the next day.  She was pretty excited about it, and as I was trying to rush her out at the end of class, she kept telling me she needed to finish something.  She handed it to her teacher, along with a card, on Tuesday - pretty cute, I say!
I was spying on her cutting threads out of the wheel, LOL!
Her face when she realized I was standing there!  

As for her daily projects, she made a drawstring bag, a tote bag, an apron and a pillow.  They all turned out super great, and she even sewed a ZIPPER into that pillow, folks!  Pretty cool!  I was probably just as excited as SHE was each day, aha!  She chose Cotton and Steel fabrics and fabric from Elizabeth Hartman's (her blogTerrarium line for Robert Kaufman.  Camden smiled so much on class days and really enjoyed herself and was so proud of what she made.  I call it a crazy success and secretly wish she could take THIS quilting class over the summer, but we'll see if it works into the schedule.

It was a great week, and now Camden would like to add a thought about another project she made, which I kept mostly as she typed it, not correcting all her typos:

"i wanted to tell you about this other project that I made at my class is a quilt with fringe on two sides. it is for my doll. i made it for my doll but i don't have a name for her yet.  Any ideas?"

Getting some use out of that apron!

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